Another special order in progress.
This is how I feel most of the time.
Today I got an order from a stranger and it made me so happy temporarily, to feel validated. My head still hurts, I don't feel like working, and all I want to do it knit or work with clay.

What is wrong with me???


I went by the studio today with a migraine that had lingered since yesterday (could not teach last night) and picked up these beauties. I put them on Etsy. Man, they are really beautiful.

I'm also working on some special orders for people. My friend Dieter wants a blue rose, and my friend PJ wants a heart with wings in a bigger mug.


I taught tonight. These are the 3D things my students printed and brought to class to share.
My lesson plan did not go well and I left class feeling bad.

Earlier in the day I'd gone to the studio to drop these items off.


Two days later, I had my first sale.


Today I opened an Etsy shop.
I called it Earth to Space Pottery and listed my first items.
I doubted anything would sell, but it was so exciting to do this.


I couldn't wait to get home to work in the pottery studio. I spent a lot of time glazing and got back some of my stuff. So much stuff! 


We left our little pink house today and headed home through Fairhope, Alabama. I'd never been there and heard it was a nice town- an artists' community. My high school friend Happy Hippy lives there, so we decided to meet for coffee.

Fields of Cotton.
See... off in the distance.... more fields of cotton on the way to Fairhope.


We were walking in the Gulf Shores State Park when we found the butterfly garden. I don't think it had butterflies. It was not such a great walk-- something about my mood, I suppose.



Dan was on a bike ride this afternoon so I sat out by the water and knit and decided to upload photos to my blog after two months of hiatus.
This morning we kayaked around Little Lagoon and walked on a trail in the Bon Secours National Wildlife Refuge. 

This is our little pink house by the lagoon.

My absence from chrissysphotoaday has been because I have been in a depression for a while now. Coming down here to the water has helped me realize some things I need to do to find balance and find myself again.

I want to do pottery.
I want to teach.
I want to knit.
I want to watch TV.

Everything else is competing for my remaining enthusiasm. When I fill that space up with writing a grant, there is no room for other fun things that define me. I need to keep that space reserved for what I want to do. If it's a research project, then do it only if I want to. If it's volunteer work or outreach or service, do it only if I want to. 


We left early in the morning and made it to our cottage on Little Lagoon around noon. It's a cute pink cottage. Adorable. We went for a long hike around the lagoon to the beach. See the blue heron?


See this ugly bagel?
I made it.

It represents feeling better. I also made a "light" version of the pumpkin chocolate cheesecake too. It has 4 points instead of 16 per slice.

I just felt my mood lift today, as if I NEEDED to be sick for a week and just lay in bed and not work and not feel guilty for not working.
Tomorrow we leave for the beach. 


Well, I met my goal today!
It took 2.5 months but I lost 17 pounds.
It feels really good. 
See that hump? That's the three pieces of pumpkin chocolate cheesecake.


I'm sick.
It's "just" a cold but I got a migraine with it and couldn't teach Monday night or Tuesday night or go to schools Wednesday. 


I went to a baby shower today for a former student and brought this sweater I made for her little girl.

Second set of mugs with nice handles are done! 
Third set is being made...


Look at this fire. This fine fire. See Teensie? I sat in front of this fine fire grading journals today. Dan orchestrated the whole thing- hiring a plumber to bring the gas line in, purchasing the set of logs, hooking it all up, ordering the black metal doors, installing them.... 
It's so cozy. 


I voted today.
Teensie couldn't vote because she's a Democat, so I gave her my sticker.


Dan made all the arrangements, then I did the cooking. We invited two couples over for dinner. I made this butternut squash soup and chicken enchiladas and a salad, and for dessert... guess what I made? 
yep. The 16 points per inch pumpkin chocolate cheesecake. Boy was it good again!!!


So my mom made this chocolate pumpkin cheesecake and it was so freaking good I just had to have a piece. I guessed how many points it was.
(Then I went home with the recipe and did the math and figured out a 1" piece was 16 points. Woah.)


I'm a ghost.
I'm a ghost of who I used to be... but I'm wearing my wedding dress.
Yes, Weight Watchers works.


First batch of mugs with wonky handles done.

I cleaned up my office.


Today I was really having a hard time. 
My messy office wasn't helping. 
I texted Dan that I just wanted to disappear.
He said my office didn't look all that bad.


This is what my wheel looks like. It's a recycled lazy susan and a recycled robotics motor with a foot switch Dan bought and a box he built. I'm using Squirt's room as a work studio when I'm not outside.


Sitting outside trimming this weekend while Dan is backpacking with M. I love this so much. It's my happy place in what is a depressing semester.


Glazing the first set with funky handles.


As you can see, I have gotten better at handles. Being able to trim at home has really helped me practice. And, I designed and printed letter stamps on my 3D printer and now I can write things on the mugs.


My husband is so sweet. I told him I wished I could do pottery at home and he built me a wheel. It's got enough torque to trim, but not to throw. So now I can throw at the studio and then bring things home to trim over the weekend. I'm so happy to have this!!!


I have a goal to make 20 mugs and the handles are difficult for me. So are the bases--- but I'm determined to find time to do this. If only I could do it at home and not just during the day at the studio. 


Hurricane Michael.
We just got a lot of rain, but it was so sad seeing the destruction along the coast. Dan and I were supposed to be in Appalachicola this weekend on a mid-semester break but we had to cancel. 


Today was the department vote for my promotion to Full Professor. While I got two NO votes, I had six YES votes so the proposal passed and was sent to the Dean. I think she likes and respects me (she came to my art opening!) so hopefully she signs off. I'm here with my colleague and friend, BirdLady who was voted unanimously to be promoted to Associate Professor.