I have this gardenia and little painting to Bob. His birthday was this week. Mom had a party. Dad was there. See below.

My sock is coming along.


Working on a sock

Dan gave this espresso maker for me for my birthday.

I picked these up from the studio.

This is what I look like. Wrinkles and all.


My hair is getting longer.

Today we visited my friend's father who is in the hospital. 
I'm losing weight still.
I had to teach.


Today was exhausting.
I had to figure out how to mount my mural and take it to the museum. Yesterday I spent all day working on the book and finally got it print off.
Then I had to teach tonight. 


I invented a pancake breakfast recipe. Almond flour, eggs, spices, and oats....


Squirt sent me a new display for my door and it works! 
The hurricane hits shore.


My friend SueEC sent me this painting.

A hurricane is bearing down on the Carolinas.



I turned 55 today. My friend Shell reminded me that I could get a free coffee from Mama Mocha's so I did! 

I also baked a flourless chocolate cake (a WW recipe) for my students in class tonight.


I finished another scarf.


Mom invited us over for an early birthday dinner since I'll be teaching on my birthday. She made a peach pie.


I discovered Halo Top and felt pretty bad eating so much.


Managed to go to the studio and glaze a bowl and see that Babar had died.

My friend Shell sent me a really cute t-shirt for my birthday!!!


Today, Wednesday, I made my rounds out in the schools-- it was exhausting, and then I went to IAMBK for the first evening of the quarter, and the head pain just grew. I ended up in bed with a migraine for the next two days. I overdid it.


I managed to get to the studio this morning to glaze some things.

And make some things.

And make a round bottom for my hanging planter.


Today was Labor Day and so Dan and I went on an adventure. We went to Montgomery and saw the capital building, and the streets were empty because of the holiday in the state capital.

Oh, this is the Weight Watchers dessert I made for dinner. Jumping ahead.

This tree on the grounds of the Capital building grew from a seed that went to the Moon and back.

We went to the memorial to victims of lynching in the United States. It was very sad and moving.


This is a pendant that belonged to my great grandmother.
This is my weight loss so far.


Babar the teapot is done and drying....

This is going to be a hanging planter.

And I finished this scarf.


Here is a low point breakfast that is yummy-- Ezekial bread made into French toast with fruit. Yummmmmmm


I taught again tonight. They did mystery tubes.
Here is my tea station in my office.


I taught today-- here is a student doing a lab.
I wore my new sweater!


I came back from Indiana on Weight Watchers and started making some dishes from their recipes. This is a fabulous recipe of dumplings.
I also finished my sweater!