North Carolina!
Dan and I are on a road trip. First stop- a cousin on a mountaintop in NC.


Driving home from a crazy rush trip to school to sign some papers, I noticed that the bank building is gone from Tooner's Corner. Just up and gone.

Still working on those socks.


I noticed this on campus today and thought it was interesting.


Working so hard on this paper!!!


There is an art show this fall at the museum and I submitted my mural. The curator contacted me to see how I could fit a 150' mural in a 5' space. This is my idea.


I'm busy working on a paper. The stats are so much fun.
Here Teensie is wrestling with Barney.


I had my teeth "highlighted" today!


My student graduated! Holding her was really special. In the late afternoon she came over to Mom's house for a celebration dinner. The cake was so good :)


Last day of the curriculum- all the children were successful designing their devices. Afterwards we went to dinner with Jes in Santa Monica. We walked all over and went down to the beach and ended up at the SM pier. We spent some time back at Jes's apartment and then had to say goodbye. We will see her again in July for her 32nd birthday.


We drove up to see my sister for the evening. Had dinner then headed back to the west side. Here I am with Sakura and Buddy and Fossie and Lilly.


The kids love the design challenge!


Today I showed up at the elementary school at 8:30 and started watching a teacher teach my curriculum. It's like watching a play you've written. Way cool!

Then I walked up the bluff back to our apartment. 

We have an apartment in the back of this house.

Isn't it cool? The bed is too small though. Only 6' long and very narrow. We had a rough night's sleep last night. 

We picked up Jes for dinner in Venice. We had a great dinner at a vegetarian place.
Then we took some funny pictures, dropped her off, came back to the apartment, fixed the toilet (long story) and I graded papers.


We spent last night with Jes. I finished my sock today. Now for the second sock! We checked out a local farmer's market and I bought some strawberries, flowers, and oranges. Then we drove to Pasadena to see my aunt and uncle. They made us a delicious lasagne dinner with pear tarte for dessert. Then we checked into our apartment on the bluff overlooking the elementary school. 


It's April. I've been typing March for weeks now. Pretty soon it will be May.

We hung out at Sakura's house today. Dan played hot wheels with Buddy and Fossy while I knitted and cooked dinner. Yum! Food imitates Italian tiles here. I worked out with my sister too (learned how to do a plank), and went for a walk with Dan. It was a good day.


I didn't have to work at the elementary school today so Dan and I went to the Getty Museum after leaving Jes's place, on our way to Sakura's place. The art was amazing and the views stunning but the garden was peaceful like nothing else. Sublime. I got hungry and had a bit of a low blood sugar thing until we found "chicken in a cup" for a snack. So that was top notch too.


Today is today. I am here in LA and woke up with a migraine for the second day in a row. I spent the day at the elementary school getting all the materials ready and showing the teachers. I didn't get the warmest of receptions and then had some trouble articulating myself. A bit stressful.

Afterwards I came back to Jes's apartment and slept, I was so exhausted. For dinner we had sushi at a Japanese market. It was a strange world. Like I was plunked down in Japan.


We are on the way to California. After months of preparation and writing and planning I'm going to see what my curriculum looks like in five Kindergarten classrooms in Los Angeles. Also we get to see Jes! And Sakura! And Fossy and Buddy!


I dyed my roots! It worked! They were gray and almost black before!


My MIL helped me purchase plants for my front porch. Looks better now.


I'm in this magazine for my research.
See the cute snail? Just one of the activities in my new curriculum.


This town is changing and I don't think it's for the better.


And yet spring seeds sprout.


I know this is a horrible picture but it only serves to remind me of the day. It's a Monday. I worked all day then my class started at 5:45 and my grad student came to help. Then I had to dart over to the student center around 7:00 to see my doc student receive an award. It was bittersweet because her work is still being scrutinized.


My MIL and FIL are in town as is my Dad, and we all had dinner together tonight with friends. Here is the only photo of me and Dan with our 'rents. Pretty cool. Two of them are in their 80s and two are in their 70s. It was a happy evening. I was in a good mood for once.


Today I had to go photograph data that the university has held hostage while they comb through it looking for any evidence of cheating.


This is my attempt to check some of the data my student collected for her research. It's been so terrible.


This week has been horrible. The day after my student defended her dissatisfaction someone file a report accusing her of cheating. It's been just too terrible to write about. She didn't cheat. Someone is either trying to stab me in the back through her, or just being cruel to her.

Mom had us over for dinner.