I spent the morning working on grading notebooks and running to WalMart for supplies, and the afternoon at school working with my students on the mural we are re-creating, and then going to Hobby Lobby for more supplies. It's looking pretty good. Not as good as the original at UVA, but still pretty good. I spent the evening grading notebooks.


I figured out how to write on my photos so I can remember the glazes I use. 
BECAUSE... the twin bowls turned out badly. The glaze ran all down the sides and globbed. The top parts are beautiful, but the bottom parts are a disaster.  Here I tried to make sure the glaze at the bottom does not run. 


Worked on my "bee pot" today at the studio. Went to the evening school and saw the kids finish their wagons. I was really impressed with their motivation and pride.


I had to spend all day at a school today observing my students. Seven hours. Well, the highlight was when one of my students brought critters to class. She brought this beautiful indigo snake, which is a protected species. It doesn't bite people. One of the kids even held it. I got home and was so exhausted, I got on the couch with Teensie and slept for three hours. Then had to wake up and work more.


I don't know what got into my cat, but she is a little monster. I was working at the kitchen table and got so fed up with her constantly getting on the table and the counters, that I coated them with Al foil and sticky tape. I was in a mood! 
We didn't get may trick-or-treaters, which is good, because I had to work.


I ordered this cat tree for Teensie and it arrived today so I put it together even though I was in a big hurry to get ready for class tonight. I wanted to build it and see if she liked it. She was interested in the feather, and ripped it off, but that's about it. Hopefully she will start to like it.

Taught a class on assessment. It went well for a typically boring topic.


I have not been cooking lately. No time.
We went to Mellow Mushroom tonight for dinner and sat at the bar and watched the kitchen workers make pizza. 


I finished my lantern-- that I made at home--
And went to the evening school tonight to help the kids with their wagon designs.


I glazed my matching bowls but the glaze went on so thick because I had to pour it on. I tried to get the excess off but don't know what will happen.



Sunday after a crazy week. Teensie looking in the sink water.


I made these two bowls- matching bowls. 
They came out of the bisque kiln today. I had a busy day with a conference call and a program coordinator's meeting but found time to go to the studio to play with clay. It was my end-of-a-crazy-week treat.


Fall break is over and I worked so hard during those four days, that now that another week has started, I'm exhausted. This is my fix-- snuggle time with Teensie.


I haven't been posting in a long long time, and if any of you actually read my blog, I'm sorry. I've been working so much that normal thinks I like to do are falling off the wagon. OK, I still find time for pottery. A little time here and there. And today I played at church and since I had to play 4 new songs, it took me two days to practice, but I had a four day weekend and I worked my tail off. 

I work and I work and I work. And I sleep.
But tonight I skipped going out to dinner with Dan and friends so I could work enough to justify going to see a Sundilla concert. We heard Joe Crookston.
He was SO good. Mom and Dad came too.


I made an alcohol molecule. We had a guest come talk with my spatial thinking class today and he taught us all about isomers and had us try to build molecules. It was really educational.


My sister Sta is visiting and I asked her to help me redecorate my guest room so it would be less girly and frilly. So, we went to Target and picked some stuff out.

Scroll down for the "after" shot.

Then I returned the fluffy pillows and found two down pillows in a light blue from an antique store.


Harvest moon.


I took this photo of a large poster on the office door of a professor in my college. I printed out a copy and put it on my door too.


See how tall my kitten has become? She's still teensy, but she is long and lanky. And tall like a weasel. 


My students came over and we cut up stuff for out kits all afternoon. It was pretty neat. Very productive.


Made a couple more stick bowls today.


I do not have MS. This news comes to you after a 2.5 hour Evoked Potential test which was so painful I had to do my Lamaze breathing to get through it. I had the technician take this photo before the tests began, which is why I'm smiling. 


These were forgotten and very hard, but i trimmed them anyway.


You can't see the snake but it's there. We saw it slither across the oxbow lake in Tuskegee National Forest this evening. I went with two students, Dan, and a friend to look at critters at night.


I remember when I took this picture. I'd gotten out of the shower and put my hair in rollers to keep it "done" with all the humidity of the South, and not wanting my dress to get torn up by my cat, put on a swimsuit coverup. I looked at myself and thought, "housedress. I'm wearing a zip up housedress and my hair is in curlers." It was quite a shocker to understand my grandmother.


Sunday afternoon-- I had my band over to practice. It was great filling my house with music. Had to skip church in order to clean the house, go to the grocery store, make an appetizer, etc. Dan comes home tomorrow!!!!!


It's finally Friday. What an exhausting week-- it felt so long.
I took Teensie to the vet, then attended an event at the stadium, then had a meeting with a student on campus.
Came home and fell asleep on the couch with Teensie. This is her yawning! 


Tonight I had to go to the Auburn IAMBK site to do Artbots with the kids.

 Teensie is getting better, sweet kitty.
Today I finished this sweater (it took 6 weeks) that I made from yarn I bought in Oregon. It was worn to celebrate my student's oral exam, which she passed with flying colors.
Later I spoke with my other doctoral student in his office-- he is moving along.
I hope to hood at least 3 students this year.


Someone asked in class Monday what the Tyndall Effect was. One student said, "you know when the sunlight streams through a forest?"
So, I saw that today on my way home from work and stopped to take a photo. 

Today Teensie got her lady operation. I was beside myself with worry. When I picked her up she was not herself. I held her for the rest of the day.

Also, this morning Dru came over and helped me organize my hall closet. That was a blessing. I also spent 4 hours out in schools observing my students. I honestly don't know how I got through the day.


I taught tonight. We did the density lab and talked about inquiry. I had fun but it felt slightly off. I think missing two weeks in a row has impacted the class spirit.

We had a great guest speaker in the Spatial Thinking class and got to play with eyetracking glasses.
Busy Monday.


I played piano at church this morning.

And went for a walk and noticed nature.
How can I make myself go out and see nature more often? I'm just so lazy, but when I immerse myself in the natural world, I'm always happier for it.