The wedding reception was out an an old estate in the country. Very pretty. Dan wore a Barong, the traditional formal wear of the Phillipines (the bride is Filipino). It looked silly at first, but there were so many men wearing them, I got used to it quickly.


Tonight Dan and I went to our friends' rehersal dinner and got these Leis because it was a Luau-themed picnic. Frisbee inherited them after the evening was over.


I've been driving back and forth, back and forth, to the middle school where I'm doing my pilot study. It's a beautiful drive so I took a picture of it today.


Squirt is learning how to drive. Today he drove over to the city high school which has a grafitti wall.


This morning Dan and I were having breakfast outside on the back deck when we saw two hot air balloons fly over our house. Here's one. We flew in one many years ago, for Dan's 30th birthday.


The Save the Penguins kit all put together in the box.


Guess who got some Crocs too?


The contents of the Save the Penguins kit.


The Lawn at the University of Virginia, as photographed through the window of the Rotunda. I was showing my old roommate around with her husband and kids.


Igor turns 30! Here's Anne with his cake. We went to his party.


Today I went to meet with the teacher I'll be working with in the fall. We'll call her Miss Smith. Anyway, Miss Smith did a design project the opposite of my dissertation project- she had kids build something around a soda can to keep a hot liquid hot. Look how many kids have the misconception that aluminum foil is a good insulator!


This Jeffersonia diphylla, also called twin-leaf, was a gift from a student many years ago. Each spring it blooms more and gets bigger. Here it is blooming. When we move, it's going with us.


Still at the conference, here I am with my buddy Igor and my advisor.


I presented a paper at NARST and so did my cousin from California. Here we are together after our presentations.