I played with a thermochromatic pigment today. It's blue when cold and clear when warm. 
Full day of meetings.
Salad for dinner.
Headed to Mom's because our cousin Boris (his name is not really Boris) is coming into town tonight!


I saw this on my way home tonight after teaching.
I'm always shocked to see ignorance displayed here because my community seems so civil.


Dan took me out for Valentine's Day and I had this drink. It had lavender infused sugar around the rim. It was go good... but the headache I had going into dinner only got worse because of it.
But dinner was really special. We don't "dine fancy" that often, so it's really a treat when we do.
I ate the orchid. 
It was slimy and tasted like the tip of an asparagus stalk.


We went to Sundilla to see a concert given by a three piece bluegrass band--- and the musician on the left is my former student. I taught her from 5th - 8th grade and here she is, 31 years old all grown up. She became the musician we always knew she would. I can still remember how amazed I was listening to her play guitar when she was 12.


My grad student and her puppy...
We worked at Momma Mocha's this morning for two hours and the puppy was so sweet. 


Daffodil from the yard.

I tried making Zara a harness so I could take her for a walk. But she wouldn't let me put it on her.


This groundhog does not see her shadow.
Time for more winter.
But why are all the flowers in bloom???


This is where I was standing. Right after I took this picture, I saw an email from a teacher that started the downward spiral of things. A student of mine was in trouble and I had to consult with the higher-ups and then rush over to the school to deal with it. Not fun.


Dan and I decided to go for a walk in Opelika and then go out to eat. 
We saw signs of renewal and decay in this old mill town, county seat.


Holocaust Remembrance Day.
These are my grandfather's first cousins who were murdered by Nazis when they invaded Libau, Latvia in 1941.

You can see our tulip tree in bloom in the winter.