We had a full house today- kids of all ages! Fossy decorated cookies, Beck colored, they played football in the yard, and did Kinex with Strawberry Jello. Beanie Babies were also popular today!

The year ends with my sisters. Mom had a party this evening. All the usual suspects were in attendance. My sisters and I had a black and gray theme going on...


We went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner with Squirt, Strawberry, Sta, Kel, and Aza.
Afterwards we went to Nana's house and I was pleased to see Kel pick up her knitting and work on it.
We went to get pedicures today also. Mine smudged after putting my shoes on. Poo.


Dan took the kids to Warm Springs today and I met up with them at Calloway Gardens for the light tour. It was nice, but a bit underwhelming.


This evening we had dinner and hung out at my mom's. My dad was there too. I wish I'd taken some good photos while he was visiting.

I worked on finishing up these mittens for Strawberry Jello. They are supposed to look like sushi. She loved them!


Sta and Kel came over tonight and I was knitting with Aza while Jes untangled some yarn. It was a cozy evening with my sister, niece, and daughters. It followed a hectic afternoon of formal photo taking at the Arboretum and the threatening rain. Aza and I went to the local yarn shop and it smelled horrible. We still bought yarn...


Mexican dinner after Sta and Kel arrived. Tortilla soup and cornbread. Guacamole as an appetizer. Mmmmmm.....


Christmas morning at home... and then at my mom's for gift opening.


Jes arrived! My mom came over for dinner (ham, scalloped potatoes, creamed spinach and sweet potato biscuits).

Dan lighted the first fire ever in our fireplace.


I copper stamped this and some others today and sewed this one to the bunny hat I made for Drunken Waffle's daughter. I like my logo!


I made quiches for dinner.


While Jes is skiing in Colorado
Aza is knitting with me. 
She made a mini sock. 


Aza is here! I taught Aza to knit!


Went shopping in Atlanta with Drunken Waffle. 


I lost my earring. I need to replace it! It's special!


On our last day in Denver, we decided to go see the movie, wild. We thought it was really good, but a bit contrived. You can see in the snow walking towards the theater, Jes with her new boyfriend, The Bulgarian Bohemian Bachelor. 


Today Jes graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver. We sat through a long ceremony, and then attended a departmental reception where she received the outstanding student award for her program. She has a Master of Arts in educational psychology.

Afterwards we went to lunch with J2 and BBB and L4. Jes and I showed the group we could each tie knots in our hair with both hands. 


This is JES in front of her new apartment building in downtown Denver on Capitol Hill. We arrived today. 


This is the final product-the bunny hat.


My in-laws were here all week, and they leave tomorrow. Here we are visiting my mother. We had a wonderful dinner of seafood casserole. A photograph of our parents.


I had coffee this morning with Drunken Waffle. I took a selfie of the two of us, but it was blurry. So here's a picture of something that was hanging up at the shop.


I've been working on this bunny hat for over a week. I think it's done.
Today I started tapering again. 


Today is our 29th wedding anniversary. Dan was washing one of the cars outside, when he bent over to pick something up and threw his back out. Spent the rest of the day flat on his back. We didn't even go out to dinner because it was too difficult for him. But it's okay. In sickness and in health.


Let me describe Frisbee to you. He paces and since his toenails are too long, he makes little clip clip sounds as he walks up and down the hallway. He goes outside several times each hour. He is picky about what he eats. He is completely deaf, well, almost completely deaf. He doesn't see very well anymore and can't find his treats easily. He doesn't like to get up on the bed with us anymore. He sleeps a lot. He drinks out of the toilets. But he still chases a treat if it's thrown across the kitchen floor.


The ears are longer now but not floppy enough. I need to rip off the ears and completely start over.


This was my first attempt at the bunny hat. Cute little ears, a cute little face, but my friend Drunken Waffle, for whom I made it, said it look like a puppy.
Thanksgiving dinner with the family.