Sock progress.
This is the strangest sock recipe... but it looks pretty good on my ankles. 
Today I worked on student lab schedules, graded homework, went shopping, got some more wool roving, talked with Aza, and felt perfectly perfect.
I have no pictures from yesterday, but yesterday I gave a workshop in Montgomery for 42 teachers and it went really really well. I felt great and the teachers all seemed engaged and seemed to learn a lot. 


Truth be told, I've had a rough month. I started tapering on January 9th again (off the medication I've been on since 2002 for facial pain) and the taper is very rough on me. It makes me very anxious and brings on migraines and a return of face pain. But, I'm going to get off this medication. I've been tapering since May bit by bit, and this month was particularly hard. I'm very thankful for knitting and spinning though... it's my life saver. It calms me down and keeps my hands occupied when I'm feeling particularly bad, which is frequent. 
Today I decided to treat myself and I got a manicure.


Monday night class... we did Milk o Motion and a bunch of other demos and it was fun. I'm trying to do activities in class each week this semester and give my students lots of activity ideas along the way. We are following the book Science Matters, by Trefil and Hazen, and I'm trying to design activities that match each chapter each week.


More yarn eye-candy.
I'm thinking this is pretty addicting.


I made this. Double ply yarn. Look how awesome it is!


This is what I spun. I used food coloring on the raw wool roving to make two different color ways. Next, I plan to ply them together.


I'm spinning.
First I crocheted, then knitted, and now the yarn thing has graduated to spinning.


Selma, Alabama

Home of the Civil Rights Movement

On the Alabama River

Where Martin Luther King led the march over the bridge to Montgomery to demand fair voting laws.
Today was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and we spent the day in Selma. 
While there, we actually saw the movie, Selma. 
It was a very moving day, to say the least.


This is a salad my mom made with tortilla chips, avocado, and an avocado dressing. We had a really good meatloaf wrapped in bacon, southern green beans and this awesome salad.


Tonight we went to Sundilla (a local concert) to see the group, Brother Sun. It was so awesome! I knitted and drank chamomile tea while we listened to awesome music. It was a night on the town and it felt good to feel good and be out in the community.


Today I made a school visit, knitted, worked on curriculum, took these photos, napped, finished a hat, and watched The Hobbit.


Dan is working on a curriculum modification for me. I love working with him- he has such great ideas.


Now I'm working on a special hat for Sta. 


Taking care of Mr. Kitty while Mom is out of town. He is a bugger.


My student Alex is at my old LYS in Lexington and is getting me a skein of blue Madeline Tosh sock yarn. :)


Knitting alpaca is so delicious.


I made this red scarf for Drunken Waffle and gave it to her. She wanted a red scarf that wasn't too bulky.


We got our photos back from the photo shoot today!

And Squirt finally got the quadcopter out of the tree across the street.


Working on a slipper for Aza.


Buddy and Fossie got very attached to cousin Aza.


Fossy was outside blowing bubbles this New Year's Day and I went to grab my macro lens to capture how amazing they looked. Spherical mirrors, they are. The last one looks like a Van Gogh painting!