New Year's Eve! We ended the year at my mom's house with a party of about 30 people for dinner. Here we have Fossy, Aza, Squirt, and Strawberry Shortcake. The main dish was pork tenderloin with cherries, and the side dishes were various roasted vegetables, salads, etc. Dessert was creme brûlée with a dark chocolate dipped macaroon.


Knitting with Noro!
My newest favorite yarn...


My sister Sta gave us this Whippet garden art for Christmas. We put it in the herb garden so we can see it out the back door to remind us of dear Frisbee. 
Jes and I went and got our hair highlighted today....


Sakura and Fossy finger knitting...

Dan and Buddy playing backgammon on the iPad...

Jes, Aza, Fossy and Buddy playing with K'nex! 


Printing and hand coloring my cards...


The kids on Christmas day at Nana's house.


It rained. It flooded like I've never seen it before.


My new hobby- carving and printing.
We fixed Squirt's guitar today. 
Aza is making a hat...


Aza helped me with the mural!!!


We went to Calloway Gardens.
Aza and Dan and I went to Calloway Gardens. Butterfly exhibit and owl and hawk show.


Strawberry in deep contemplation about the dominoes game...


I bought the supplies for a Magnolia Wreath and started making it.
It looks nice!
We went to Mom's for dinner and had Shepherds' Pie and these goodies for dessert. The best.


I bought this for $2.17 to unravel it and make yarn.
Wool, cashmere, and angora.
I got 400+ grams of yarn.


I finished these today. Hardest thing I've ever knit. Too bad one ended up larger than the other one! 


Dan and I went on a house tour today and went in "The Castle" which was so over-the-top I had to leave.
Brunch this morning for my student graduating, lunch with Strawberry Shortcake and her family for HER graduation.


Working on the hardest thing I've ever made. What a pain! And when I finish, I will find that I made one significantly larger than the other.


This is my project at work. Taking hand spun wool and making a coaster for my coffee cup. I like to knit a row when I'm thinking.


Had lunch here with a friend- my knitting student Zelda, before perusing the yarn store.


What a week. Three candidates for a job... and I'm the search chair. 12+ hour days for five days in a row has me worn out. I celebrated once it was over by sitting and knitting for several hours. This coffee gave me joy on this day.


My students and I are re-creating the mural I painted 10 years ago in Virginia. We worked on it for two hours today, and it is coming along nicely. It brings me great joy to see it come to life again.