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My brother Wm and I walked 10 miles today around DC in the snow. Snow on the ground, not in the air. I had on my little black boots and surprisingly didn't get any blisters. We had lunch at an organic salad place and a coffee at Starbucks. Then I left for the airport and had a harrowing time getting home. Subway... airport... flying... ATL airport... driving back to Auburn.


I had dinner tonight in DC with my dad, J, and baby sister. We ate at a Mexican place. It gave me a wicked headache, unfortunately. Here is a photo of the streets of DC before we had dinner and I was just walking around. I took the Metro to this part of town, and back again.


I have a couple meetings in DC and flew up today. When we got to the snowy parts, it was amazing to look down and see the bare trees and snowy areas. After I landed, I took the Metro to the area where my hotel was, and checked in. Went to an organic salad place for dinner and just settled in for the night.


I don't want to ever forget this day. Presented a paper with Jes. Standing room only. Great reception. Ran out of papers to distribute. Handed out 20 business cards. Jes was a pro!


This is the patio at the hotel we are at. I love the furniture and the big umbrellas. We are at the Brice, a really awesome place.


Drunken Waffle and I  went on a road trip to Camp Hill, Alabama  where we saw some Tibetan monks making a sand mandala on the floor of an old Unitarian church. We also drove around and looked at decaying small towns.


Selma, Alabama

Home of the Civil Rights Movement

On the Alabama River

Where Martin Luther King led the march over the bridge to Montgomery to demand fair voting laws.
Today was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and we spent the day in Selma. 
While there, we actually saw the movie, Selma. 
It was a very moving day, to say the least.