Happy 30th Anniversary to my best friend. Xxxoooxxxooo


Looking for a new color for the front door. Something a shade less green and a smidge more blue. Dusty Tiffany maybe. Opinions?


Dan and I went to the AU UA game. I lasted for two quarters.


An explanation.
This blog.
I wanted to quit it this month, last month too. I wondered if it was worth it, if anyone ever looked at it, and most importantly, if I would even want to remember this part of my life anyways.

This semester has been so very difficult for a number of reasons:
Teaching overload
Depression of a terrible magnitude
Squirt moving out
Frisbee dying
Missing my daughters
Missing my sisters

The joy left me and I felt like I'd lost myself, and so I saw my doctor.

He switched my medication and I woke up with joy and a sense of self again.

So, in contemplating yesterday, on Thanksgiving day, whether to ditch this blog, I realized that I still had joy worth remembering. Whenever I feel that joy, I will try to capture a photo to remember it by.

If you read this blog, I am sorry to have left you in the lurch for a month, and I hope you will check in on me now and then. I hope I won't go silent again. But If I do, say a prayer for Chrissy. Life can feel heavy sometimes.


Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, my dad, and my sisters Sta and Sakura, with Dan and Squirt, and Gwennie, and Kels and Brick.
Dessert was yummmmmmmmmmmmmm......


I did this today. My sister Sta and I went to Lowe's and bought plants and pots to decorate my front porch better. Dan said, so, when are you going back to buy a third pot like the others? On my next trip to Lowe's. And we really need to get that mold off the paint. and I really don't like the color of those steps anyway. What color would look good? Red?


The mural is coming along. It was painted 10 years ago in Virginia, but was destroyed in a building renovation. My students and I are re-creating it on canvas so we can move it should our classroom move one day.


I finished blocking this today-- a strange shawl/scarf I made that I'm not crazy about, but will find someone to give to.


This was my evening... teaching and working on the mural we are creating...

This was my morning and my day-- in the ER with my mom who suffered a TIA. She is fine now... fully recovered, but it was a wake up call to slow down and take care of herself better.




Three houses up from us, this happened. It is so depressing.


This day I drove out to a school in a neighboring county. This teacher had the most awesome looking room ever. A beautiful painted classroom with stenciled quotes, biological specimens, scientific equipment, projects on the counters... just delightful. 


Tuesday night class. My students were investigating my curriculum and trying to build a generator. This group created the best one.


As we leave Scaly Mountain, I quickly take a photo of this house with a Confederate flag. There was a man on the porch earlier with a hillbilly hat and a long gray beard. What a sight, and a contrast to our cabin just up the road. But this family has a million-dollar view.


The mountain behind our cabin in the woods... Scaly Mountain.
We love this place and plan to return.