All my children are home.
Squirt arrived around 10pm--- Aza drove to ATL to pick him up. Love love love...


Christmas eve eve and my twins are cuddled up on the couch looking at boys on Tinder :) Aza does not look too happy I'm taking her picture. We went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom tonight.


Today I finished crocheting Squirt a stocking! 
(Guess you can see his real name now.... mystery revealed...)

I designed our house numbers and Dan made them and hung them today. It's so cute! And I made the magnolia wreath too...

So we went for a walk today. I mean a hike. 
We hiked to the top of Smith Mountain then Dan and the girls decided to take a longer route back to the car... and I got


Jes arrived last night at around 1am... I picked her up from the shuttle stop.
Tonight we played our favorite game. 
I think I won. Maybe. 

My twin girls!


I finally finished Squirt's sweater and blocked it! I sure hope it fits him...


Walked tonight and found the town's most amazing corner of lights!

Aza and I made these ornaments today with my Silhouette "printer."


I'm trying to walk 10,000 steps a day over break to keep active.... walked home from my mother's tonight. Nice view of campus...


Aza is home! Time to start a holiday puzzle... And she brought Zara, who is going to live with us this year until Aza graduates.

Zara says, "What are you looking at. I did not drink that milk you left on the counter..."


The bathroom is officially done, and we moved back onto our bedroom today after 4 months.
It feels good!

And here's a peek at my home office. I'm thinking of re-doing the artwork arrangement, and re-painting.


The bathroom is ALMOST done... just need knobs, and then moving all our stuff back in.
I finished blocking this baby blanket today- a gift for a former student.


Campus is empty this evening after I leave, having worked most of the day meeting students and such.


I'm writing this today. Sometimes I back-date my entries, and have to check the calendar to see what I even did that day. But today is today.

Last night I made cheese straw dough so I could bake them this morning for our department party. I had to bake them all and be there by 10am. I was pretty much on time and it was really fun to just sit and talk and eat and drink coffee with my colleagues. It really was.

Then I graded papers.

Then I came home and Dan was finishing up the tile work. He hung the mirror that we debated about for WEEKS.  We are both really pleased.

We also got the frame for the cabinet in the laundry room and I think it looks awesome.

This weekend I need to finish grading, and we need to go and celebrate our anniversary (Thanks Mom and Dad for the gift that will fund our fancy dinner!), and clean up the rest of the house, and move BACK into our bedroom!!!

Then--- next week---- it's time to get our jingle bells on and get excited about the kids coming home and us ALL BEING TOGETHER.


I was inside the house grading papers (classes are over and I'm buried under so much grading) when I noticed how beautiful this tree was outside. I ran out to take a picture and said hey to my student who was driving by. She had been at my house the night before learning to knit socks for the Penguins kit. Also, another student came by last night for some help with lesson plans. And the heating and air guy fixed the heater. And the tile guys came over to look at the defective tiles they laid. It was a busy day--- yesterday--- but today I just graded papers all day long and here was this tree.
Here is our beautiful fall maple on December 8th.


I finished painting and now Dan is doing the tile backsplash.
Today I went to teach knitting at a school in the country. I got lost on the way--- even though I've been a dozen times or more, and ended up being 30 minutes late. 


It's been raining lately. For almost a week now, it seems, we have gotten rain. It prevented my weekly walk today. I spent all day painting the bathroom.


What color to paint the walls?
We picked White Down, the one on the left. And so, I will paint this weekend.

Today I met with a professor in another department to get some advice. He showed me the faculty dining hall---- had no idea it existed--- and I had a great salad!