We drove to Virginia today. It took 9.25 hours with only one stop for gas. We are helping Aza move tomorrow. 


Dan bought this yesterday from an antique store in Pine Hill. I wonder what its story is...


This is a rose a student gave me last week. It's still pretty!


Week long workshops- the 13th, 14th, today and tomorrow. 


Squirt is drying laundry this way because our dryer is busted. Dan ordered a new motor but it hasn't arrived. There is a fan blowing on the laundry. Ingenious!


The fruit of our garden... Spooning veggies!


Happy 29th birthday to Jes. We left today to go home, and so did she. 


This is where I had to stop for a speeding ticket. Whoops! That was a 45mph zone? On the way to a yarn shop with Aza. I must have gotten a little too excited. 


 Dan and I cooked dinner for everyone tonight. Quiches, corn salad, asparagus salad, and berries with fudge sauce over ice cream for dessert.

I did not play volleyball. This is a posed photo.

Aza and Jes and The Bachelor went canoeing and brought back these water lilies.

Playing in the back yard at Grandma's after dinner....