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I picked up Frisbee's ashes on Friday. They are in this box I bought last week-- the day after he died. It was made by a student at the university and I'd been watching it in the store window for a month or more. Squirt washed Frisbee's stuffed bear-- his first lovey toy, which he never tore apart, just licked. I'll frame a photo to add to the memorial shelf in the den. I cried for hours after picking up his ashes. It cut into me again. I miss him so.


Frisbee died today.
Here is his obituary.

Carnelian Winsmith "Frisbee Whippet" died at home on August 21, 2015 in Auburn, Alabama with his adoptive people-parents by his side. He was 109 in people-years and almost 16 in dog-years. Frisbee was born on December 27, 1999 in Albemarle County, Virginia at Farmington. His dog father was Champion Summit Cassanova "Nova", and his dog mother was "A Star is Born (Judy)" Winsmith. His breeder was Mrs. Harriet Nash Lee. Frisbee had a notable pedigree. He also had one wonky ear, which made him especially adorable. He was adopted by our family when he was 12 weeks old and lived in Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama. Frisbee could run like the wind, and could indeed catch frisbees. He loved to run and catch frisbees at the Dunlora Field, his favorite romping ground down by the Rivanna River in Charlottesville. He enjoyed exploring the fields and creeks and woods at Dunlora, and lived there with his family and cat, Mittens, until 2009 when a job in the Blue Grass called. At Kentucky, Frisbee practiced "The Treat Game" every early evening in the UK Arboretum, running back and forth between his adoptive parents for crunchy treats. When Frisbee retired from his racing career in 2012, he moved to Alabama and got his own back yard- with plenty of grass and trees with shade to call his own. Frisbee is survived by his people: Squirt, Aza, Jes, and Chrissy and Dan, and many special friends (you know who you are) who truly appreciated his awesomeness. He is lovingly and tenderly missed, and our hearts are broken today. We hope to see him at the Rainbow Bridge; we really do.


Frisbee is in hospice care at home. He looks ok in this photo, but he is not OK.

Mom had us over for dinner and dessert. This was an amazing concoction. 


Squirt's apartment- almost clean and almost ready for him to move in.

Sweet Frisbee....


Snuggling Frisbee. 
Been going to schools all week to meet teachers I will be working with this crazy busy semester I'm about to embark on. 


Frisbee is dying. I hold him a lot now. His time is short on this Earth. My heart is breaking.


Frisbee is not well. He has stopped eating. 

My cotton crop is coming in.
Summer is ending and next week things pick up. I am mourning Frisbee already, and the end of my summer.


Frisbee got a new memory foam bed and it's taking some getting used to. Our landscape designer came out today to see about some new plants and we saw this mushroom in the garden. It's a basket stinkhorn.