A day in Washington. We went to the Women in the Arts Museum, shopped at Macy's, walked around the Monument, the WWII Memorial, the WhiteHouse, etc. It was a beautiful, crisp, clear day- perfect for touring DC like tourists.


Thanksgiving with Dad and family. William was not to be found, so we took the picture without him. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting Anita and Joanne, friends of the family.


The moon in the sky as I enter ACAC to run and work out. I stopped running for a couple months and am trying to get my groove back.


The grande finale of the "Save the Penguins" engineering teaching kit. It went well with the other class I taught. This would be a good dissertation kit.


Today we spent the day at Aza's school. It was band parents' weekend. Squirt tried on her tuba, she marched at half time and did a post-game show, and we got to see the colors of fall in the valley. A beautiful, cool, crisp day.


The top picture is of Jes and her new "Camera on a Stick" which her father and I designed and created this evening. She wants to take photos from a bird's view and we rigged up this contraption. It even includes dental floss to pull the shutter with. We had fun!

The other photos I took this afternoon of our street and house. I just love the way everything looks in the fall.


The view from my back deck. We live in a little forest!


Comfort food! Baked sweet potatoes are so good to eat on cool fall days.


Fall as seen from my front yard.


Fall has flung in central Virginia. This picture was taken on my way home from work today.


One day Dan and I will be making pictures like this with our grown children. Here's Dan with his parents and siblings. Three sibs are in their 40s, one is 30 something still...

Some days I get really sad thinking about the fourth child we lost. There's always an empty chair at the dining room table for what would have been a 3 year old this coming December. I still yearn for a baby I'll never have on this earth and wonder what might have been.


Yesterday we drove to New Jersey for Uncle Ed's birthday party. Here's a picture of the kids at the party. Jes had fun drinking legally at a family function from an open bar!


This morning I got up to watch the sun rise with my students. It was beautiful and silent. The only sound being the clicking of my camera. We headed home early this morning, as gale-force winds were expected later on in the day. I got home at 6pm, showered, ate dinner, packed up my computer, and headed out for school by 6:30pm. I was in class until 9:15 when I came home, exhausted from the day.


Halloween on an island in the middle of the Bay. It was a full day- picking up crab pots, having a feast, scavenger hunting for candy, and marsh mucking with rinsing off in the brackish Bay water.


Today I left early in the morning for an island in the Chesapeake Bay with 25 students and one other teacher. It was a long bus ride, then a long boat ride, but it was so cool to finally get there. We stayed in an old converted boat shed on Port Isobel, a marshy island east of Tangier.


Jes's bear and Aza's bunny on my office "couch" bed.


Fall is approaching but not quite here yet.