Today I got this thing going, finished two parts of my dossier, went for a very long walk and saw the football mayhem, went to dinner for BBQ, came back and finished my CV and watched two episodes of Breaking Bad with Dan and the Squirt.

When I started using my first curriculum with teachers it caught on like wildfire. Now people are not only using it, but doing research with it. It's good to have a new product coming out that I can get first dibs on researching. I've been working on this one since 2009.


My mom's kitchen renovation has begun! It will be so good to see it transformed into her dream kitchen. After 50 years in the food business she deserves to do what she loves most in a beautiful space.



Migraine at work today. Pushed through it. Exhausting day. Frisbee starts taking a steroid. Last ditch effort to get him to eat.


My snuggle bunny does not want to eat. He just wants snuggles. 


Frisbee whippet got an ultrasound of his belly today. No masses or obvious problems. Inflamed bile ducts. He was given three medicines and we hope they work. He is down to 30 pounds from 40.


Awesome dinner tonight at Mom's with good friends and good food. Mom's kitchen renovation situation is a mess though. Can't wait to see some construction.


I finished this scarf today. The baby merino wool is like spiderweb, it's so light and fine. The wool is from Uruguay. I don't even know where that is. Www.malabrigoyarn.com is their website. I want more of this stuff.

Migraine all day today. I canceled my day and stayed in bed. ML and AL gave my paper for me at the conference I was supposed to be at.

School starts for me Monday. It's gonna be a BUSY semester. I'm teaching three classes when I'm only supposed to have one. I got appointed to faculty senate, am going up for tenure, am the new program chair, writing a grant, external evaluator on two grants, and PI on two. Advising about 50 students also. Looking forward to Christmas already!


Went to the eye doctor today. He put prisms in these beautiful glasses and my double vision disappeared. I can't wait to get real glasses with the prisms!


Told you it would be pretty.

Frisbee has a liver disease. We are taking him for an ultrasound to see if it's cancer. Poor buddy. He ate some yogurt and a PBJ today.


I took Frisbee to the vet today. Last night he wouldn't even eat bacon. He HATED being at the vet. It was so sad to see him so scared. When we got home I had to carry him from the car in this blanket, and he just melted into my arms. I held him like this for almost an hour until he had recovered and was ready to get down. Poor baby.

I worked hard all day on a proposal for a conference and got it done by 10pm and submitted it.


This ball of baby alpaca "string" took forever to wind into a ball. I'm crocheting a scarf for a special friend and it's taking forever because the yarn is so very very thin. But it's going to be soft and beautiful and the colors are fantastic, subtly varying from green to turquoise to blue.


I finally figured out the trick to knitting and it's not so bad. I love the way it looks when it's done right. This yarn has been crocheted into two afghans and several other projects. The look is so very different with knitting. 
I worked productively most of the day with bouts of knitting.


I decided this morning to leave Highlands with someone headed back home. My stomach just couldn't take another ride in the back seat and I felt awful. However, it didn't feel bad enough to miss a visit to "Knit" a yarn shop in town where I purchased some sweet finds.


I'm in the backseat of my mom's SUV and I've got a very bad case of car sickness. We have been on the road for hours and hours driving up into the mountains on windy roads. I've never been so car sick in my life.


Today I met with a prospective student here at this coffee shop in town. She really appreciated not having to do the whole park on campus thing, and I appreciated it too. Plus you can't beat the coffee. It's become my satellite office. I hope the atmosphere improves, because the place is pretty dank in there. The coffee is great though.


My latest creation.
Home from B'ham today.


One year ago today was a day my heart survived. Today Dan and I spent in B'ham starting a new year. I helped with a workshop then we went to a French restaurant called Chez Fonfon or something like that, in the 5 points region. Everything was perfect. It was a perfect day.


I'm so proud of the first sweater that I've ever crocheted. Okay, it's a little bit ugly, but I like it anyway. I got up around 5 AM this morning and started working on it, and then realized I'd made the straps too big. Later today I un crocheted the straps and put them back.


Mom and Squirt with an iPad lesson. He is such a patient and clear teacher. Mom is a quick learner.


Blast from the past. Mom came over tonight and we sat around the kitchen table laughing until 11:30. Tomorrow I buy her an iPad.