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As we leave Scaly Mountain, I quickly take a photo of this house with a Confederate flag. There was a man on the porch earlier with a hillbilly hat and a long gray beard. What a sight, and a contrast to our cabin just up the road. But this family has a million-dollar view.


The mountain behind our cabin in the woods... Scaly Mountain.
We love this place and plan to return.


We are loving it here in our mountain house. More photos to follow. Nature, ahhhhhh.....


We drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park today. It snowed! We went on a long hike 1000 feet in elevation up and 1.7 miles long each way. This is what we found at the top... a lake!


Hike this morning, hike this evening, fire in the hearth.


Ahhh.... Cool clear pure


Morning in Colorado with Jes and Dan.