Getting ready for class.
Got a ticket for not adding my new license plate number to my parking tag.
Exhausted. Migraine. Drained.


Hat made with Llama wool. What's it called?


My favorite spot.


 I blocked the scarf and it turned out great.
 My stomach is really sick again and I've been in bed most of the day. I was able to catch up on my blog, if you can tell, pretty quickly today due to this amazing software I got recently called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. All I have to do is talk, and watch the words appear on the blog. It's so so amazing.


 Today I orchestrated a very important meeting that I have been planning for over a month. Actually, I've been planning it for two years. I wanted to form a committee of scientists to advise in my job as a science educator. We met at this restaurant, and had a really productive meeting and a good lunch. Unfortunately, during this lunch, I felt the rumble in my stomach that meant things were not going well internally. This evening I had a dinner to attend with my department, and so I just ate some soup and bread. Okay, I had a brownie too.
 I finished the Mobius scarf, and this is how it looks off the needles before being blocked.

 Dan finished painting the windows in the living room, and they are stunning, don't you think? It really gives a certain depth to the  room. He put in so much work this week on this project and I just love it when he does home improvement projects.


 This is what is on my needles.  This is that gray hand dyed yarn on a very long circular needle wrapped around into a Mobius shape. It's not much fun to work with. The yarn is quite crunchy, if I can describe it that way. It's very difficult to move the piece around on the very long cable.  However, I'm anxious to see how it turns out,  and sometimes that's the only motivation that I have.


 I had a meeting this morning with a bunch of visitors from Brazil. I came home, had lunch, and started working when my graduate student asked me if I would go with her to the yarn store and Opelika. How could I turn that down? So we went to the store, and then went to get a coffee afterwards. Feeling pretty good, I ordered a cappuccino.


 Frisbee Whippet is not doing very well.  He was acting very strange tonight, hardly able to stand up, vomiting and seemingly in pain. We thought that this would be his last night on earth. I held him on the couch for quite a long time and he seemed to relax and enjoy that. Poor Frisbee.


 Dan has been working on painting the inside of the windows in our living room. They were a white enamel, and he had to pry the windows open and scrape off all the old paint and caulk all the drafty places, tape the windows,  paint the metal parts, and then paint the trim around the windows.   He even takes off all the hardware and repaints it in a silvery tone.

Today was a really busy day for me. It was the day of our accreditation visit, and I was in meetings all day long and then I taught my class tonight.


 I started playing with some of the yarn I bought on Saturday. I'm making a gift out of the red yarn. I'm using a really interesting stitch called the linen stitch. This is a very special cup of coffee because The Squirt made it for me and followed some very exacting scientific steps.  He had to make sure that the temperature was just right, he had to make sure that he poured the water at a specific rate over a specific amount of grounds. It was a delicious cup of coffee.

 Today I had to go to some interviews for our accreditation process. I got all dressed up and felt very fancy, but unfortunately I couldn't eat anything at the reception because of the ongoing problem with my digestive system.


 CJ called me today. We talked for a long time. I thought she might appreciate some pictures of the camellias that are blooming in the yard, so I went outside and took lots of pictures of them and made a collage. I also found an amazing spider web and photographed it as well. I think that the dashed lines on the scaffolding around the web are fascinating. I really like the way that the photograph turned out with the light shining on it. It's not knitting, it's actually a process of weaving,  but I like the fact that animals participate in fiber crafts just like we do. I wonder what spiderweb yarn would look like.


 Today I felt really down, depressed, sad, and crabby. I've had this intestinal ailment for a long time now and it just saps my energy. As part of my self-inflicted therapy, I drove myself to the yarn shop in Opelika, where I bought two skeins of my favorite brand, Malabrigo.  I also bought a skein of hand dyed grey wool for a Mobius scarf I want to give to a friend.


 Squirt and Strawberry are in the kitchen  baking pumpkins to make a pumpkin pie.


 I'm sick again. I'm back on a clear liquid diet, and it's been over a week since my digestive tract worked properly.  Today I ate a lot of blue Jell-O, drank a lot of blue Gatorade, and ate blue Gummy Lifesavers. 


It was this:

 The baby surprise jacket is ready for buttons and a seam along the shoulders. But first, I want to bring it to my students at the high school and show them how it works.


 This is my latest project. The yarn I chose is an acrylic/wool  blend. It's a pattern called  Baby Surprise Jacket.  it's called that because it's made in one piece and then when you're done, you just folded up and  seam the shoulders,  and it's like a surprise. Making it really has me thinking about how garments are constructed with increases and decreases.


 Dan spotted this little guy in our carport hanging out upon the ledge, peering down at us. I thought it was an adorable little creature and so I took a picture of it.  Today I met with a research evaluator at the coffee shop. I drank another machiato.


I went to the coffee shop and met with my friend Drunken Waffle today. This is a picture of what I drank this morning-a machiato.  I'm not  sure how to spell that, but I ordered it because it has less milk than a latte. 


This is a flourless chocolate cake. I made it for a luncheon at work. However, I did not go to work today because I still have a really bad intestinal problem. I actually taught class online tonight from bed.


Baby Surprise Jacket in progress!


Tailgating before the game with my friend Doug. Dan got a ticket and went with SwimBikeMan. I got the house to myself to knit! 


Today I got a nice yarn donation for my project. Also visited with the geology faculty to discuss the new degree program. I was really tired today and was at school from 9:30-4:30. 
 Today the intestinal ailment began.


I discovered a gem- a store just a few minutes from my house with all this fresh produce and unique things. I had lunch there in the cafe with my friend Drunken Waffle.