The bikers went 22 miles while I shopped in Cedarburg with Aza.


Volleyball tournemant

the kids....


Roasting marshmallows at D and J's house.


Driving to Wisconsin the day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality. Rainbow was spotted.


Pizza Shmizza with Squirt and Dan.


The most cool thunderstorm passed through today. Loved it.


Mama Mocha's
I purchased some decaf beans and rose syrup today.


Kids at camp spinning cotton with the electric spinning machines they designed and built!


 Guess the flower!

 Guess the flower!

Happy Fathers Day to my baby daddy. I love you!
Oops... I said I wouldn't put this on my blog.


Getting ready to teach a camp, I made 30 drop spindles (above) and photographed a bunch of fiber (below).


I've been going for walks each morning. This morning I saw this kudzu covered forest with a hidey hole and thought that if I were a kid again, I'd go exploring in there and end up covered in poison ivy and mosquito bites. 

What do you notice about this scene?



 Working on another sweater.
This is Mr. Kitten below... Strawberry Shortcake's new baby.

Not in the mood to blog lately.


 My dad is in town visiting. Today we went to lunch/brunch at Amsterdam Cafe. Later, Dad and I went for a walk to see the construction at the corner. Dad leaves tomorrow. It was nice having him around. I wish he would move here.

Happy birthday to many of my friends today. Seems great people were born on this day, especially my life long friend.


Squirt found this spider on the patio. Upon inspection, it was discovered to be carrying a million babies on its back.


This morning we had beignets and coffee here...

and after the conference ended, said good by to our hotel room and the courtyard in it


We saw and heard these kids performing on Bourbon Street. They were OK... Lots of tuba.

The really good music was here- at Preservation Hall. It was fantastic! 


USS Alabama in Mobile. I just had to see it.
I left today for New Orleans for a conference. I went with my Department Head. She took a detour so I could see the ship.

Along the way we stopped for coffee here...

And this was the view from our hotel.


I worked on this "spinning wheel" today for my newest curriculum, 
"Spinning Straw into Gold for Rapunzel"


We checked out this morning. I turned over this rock and saw that it was a Love Rock. See https://www.facebook.com/lovedrenched

This is the living room. I had to sit in that wood chair most of the time when we were all gathered.


Last day at the beach... we walked along in the water and if felt soooo good.


At the beach... Sta and KK on the couch at Cacoo's house.