My yarn order came in and now I can finish the afghan I started after Christmas. Today I had a really good morning meeting with ML and my friend whom I will call "My Friend" because that's what she calls me when she sees me. Then I got another headache and went to bed.


Today I was supposed to observe a student teacher, but I spent all day in bed with a migraine instead. I learned that I can take photos with my iPhone by pressing on the volume button, so I can take pictures one handed. I took this one from bed.


Spent the morning at Opelika High then got a migraine and spent the afternoon in bed with my crochet. I managed to teach tonight-- and had a great time. We had a guest speaker Skype in, we did some really funny peer teaching scenarios, and talked about motivating students.


I hung 5 of my paintings in my office today and it feels so much better. I have at least 6 more to hang in here. It will be my miniature gallery.

Dan bought us an umbrella for our patio. Now for some plants and other decor...

It's a beautiful day in central Alabama.
I got a lot done. We had dinner with Mom and Squirt built the first prototype of my gravity light design.



This is Dan's manufacturing room. He cuts, he solders, he glues... and assembles educational kits. The bed is a Lego supply warehouse. The closets are storage units. the corner bench is built in storage.


This morning I had some important but difficult meetings at school with students. Dan had to pick me up because afterwards a migraine set in. Squirt cooked dinner--- delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with avocado. He is so sweet.


Tonight I was a guest speaker in a graduate seminar. I noticed one woman had out her iPhone, iPad with keyboard, AND MacBook. Thought that was pretty funny. The class went well. Met some new people.

I observed three students today.


Mom's birthday party! We had a great time. It was a potluck dinner with her friends and we really enjoyed it. I brought shrimp étouffée.

I observed a student today.

Bought Mom a book written by a local woman whom I went to high school with. It's called Crossing on the Paris.


I got this goat sticker and found a cool place to put it in my office. Today I taught. The class didn't go so well, in my mind. But I got interviewed for a college magazine, which was pretty cool.


Dan has started receiving large shipments for his huge order of teaching kits. This one looked a bit busted so I photographed it. Monday Monday. Today I started an Edmodo site for kids in a nearby school to get math help from our students. I was in bad mood all day until I did this.


This is a really mundane photo, but it represents a TON of work. My office is still not where I want it to be, but I dragged this old filing cabinet in from the garage, loaded it up with files that had been stacked in boxes in the room since we moved in, and sorted through piles and piles of papers I had piled around. I recycled an entire grocery bag of papers. Once I get some artwork hung up it will start to feel homey in here.


We left today around 2pm after giving up on the conference. Cold, spread out sessions, low attendance... it was not an ideal conference to go to. But the 5 of us had fun and it was good to bond. We'll be working on a grant together for the next 3 years so it was good to get away and talk and plan. I'm sitting in the back seat on the way back. My friends ML and GB are up front.


Today was the first day of conference sessions, but I had a migraine and managed to help give a talk at noon, but then spent the rest of the day in bed working on my computer. We went out for dinner to celebrate our grant--- to a Mexican place I did not like at all.


I'm in Huntsville at a science education conference. I rode up with a group of Auburn folks. We got to the Space and Rocket center around 6:30 or so and heard a speech given by a Rocket City Redneck Guy.


Squirt turned 22 today!
We celebrated with Mellow Mushroom pizza   (Holy Shitake) and beer and for dessert, Moosetracks ice cream in chicken cups.

Today I went to an outreach conference at the university and made a presentation which went well. But the lunch that was served gave me a migraine so I had a rough evening... and went to bed early and in pain.


Before I even decided whether or not at accept the job here, I was talking with people about this grant. When I got here in July we started writing it. Today we got funded. It's a three year grant and the number you see is for year 1. This is fantastic news. I'll be teaching my curriculum to teachers all over the state of Alabama.


This morning I worked on transcribing observation notes and got them sent out to students. Then we went to Mom's for lunch. She had leftovers from the cafe. Oh my goodness! She invited 8 of us over and then Dan and I got the leftover leftovers.

This afternoon I worked on some paperwork and put shelf paper in my bathroom closet. 


We went shopping in Atlanta today for living room chairs. We went to 5 furniture stores and liked a chair in each store. This is an Ethan Allen chair we liked. It takes 2-3 months to custom make each one in the fabric you choose. I don't like that.

We met up with friends for lunch in Hotlanta and even saw some other folks from home there.


I walked to work today and enjoyed just being in my office, having visitors and seeing people. It felt good. It made me wish I went into my office more often, but all the classroom observations really get in the way.

I started to walk home around 4pm but called Dan and he met me halfway just as it was starting to rain.

Tonight we went to hear a duet of classical guitarists. I didn't want to take their picture directly, so I took a photo of their reflection in the glass wall to my right. You can see Dan holding the program. Dinner afterwards at The Hound with mom and friends. 


View from my office this afternoon. The sky was stunning and the colors and light so perfect. I taught a great class, but kept my students 20 minutes late. Time just got away. We did the mystery tube act activity. I came home and got caught up on grading. I love teaching so much.


Today I stayed home and worked on course development, grading, and my Curriculum Vita. After dinner (PB&J sandwich) Dan and I went for a walk into town. We checked out the marble cornerstone of Samford Hall, which was laid when the former building was built on this site in the 1860s. This building was built in 1888 after the Old Main burned down the year before.


Super Bowl chili supper. What's wrong with this picture?
Today I worked on grading and read the book under the cornbread bowl, also I read the book Lost Auburn which was really really good. It makes me very curious about the history of this town.


We wor
We worked in the yard today. I pulled vines out of the azaleas and found two gardenia bushes behind them. Dan raked, and I also pulled a bunch of dead branches out of bushes and hauled them out to the curb. This yard can be stunning if we put the time into it. I can tell it used to be glorious.

Let's see, what else did I do today? Graded all my papers, typed up all my observation notes, went grocery shopping, and upacked a box of knick knacks that I'd packed up in June 2012.


Day long retreat for our department here. Good coffee, great cookies, sweet tea, and camaraderie all day. Lunch with Auntie Em and we parked in the wrong spot and had to pay the tow truck man to take the chains off her tires. Grrrr.... There was no sign.
Long walk with Dan into town tonight. We poked our heads in the chapel where we got married. I stood in the same spot. It felt smaller.