Last night in San Miguel.


I woke still with head pain but drank tea and decided to take the taxi to an arts and crafts and organic food festival. It was well worth it.


We left this morning around 9 for a three hour venture/exploration to the orchid garden, downtown, and back.
I felt some anxiety being in off-the-path places where tourists do not congregate.


We went to Delores Hidalgo to see pottery factories. The prices were very low and it was fascinating to see the painters work.


Today we went to the Jardin Botanica which was home to native plants like agave and mesquite and cacti of all sorts. Dan and Squirt and Strawberry climbed down into the canyon while I stayed at the top looking out for cowboys or Indians or whatever. Actually I sat in the shade and ate Mexican Oreos.


We went to the Tuesday Market, which is Mexican WalMart with everything under the sun under tents.


This house is at the corner across from our house. It's a walled piece of land with a few huts and tents inside.
This is the street leaving our house down the hill. You can't see how much of a hill it is.


This is what downtown San Miguel looks like.
We went on a house and garden tour today and this is one cactus garden we saw.
Flowers everywhere.

It almost looks like Tuscany, doesn't it?

Or Morocco.


The view of San Miguel driving in.

The view out the window of our house.

This is the back side of our house.

I love this picture. The view out the peep door in the front door.


Things I did today.
I cleaned this bathroom.

I went to the store and bought this coffee plus some other things.

I gave Frisbee a bath and laundered all his bedding.
Plus, I graded papers and updated this blog and watered all the house plants and the pansies out back.

So, I haven't been blogging much lately and to my followers, I apologize. I finished a 1.2M grant proposal on 3-5-14 which took me several weeks of non-stop work. Then, there was the doctor's appointment last week where I found out I was severely anemic and horribly hypothyroid. Which explained a lot. So I started taking a higher dose of Synthroid and an iron supplement on Monday of this week. 

Tomorrow we leave for Mexico. One of my students is holding down the fort and caring for The Friz.
I plan to be blogging while on this trip with my mother, Dan, Squirt, and Strawberry Jello (who has never been on a plane before!) So, stay tuned!


Lenten Rose! Spring is in the air. Things are blooming.


Today I taught an art class to six ladies who donated to my friend's fundraiser. These were their practice works. They made mandalas afterwards.