It was a cold morning, and one of my students brought her tiger outfit so I put it on to stay warm. It was like being a 2 year old in a onesie!


Today I worked at a local middle school with every single class from 5th - 8th grade on our Solar ArtBots. Each class had 30 minutes to build a working bot.

They did it!


I'm working on a baby blanket for a former student who is pregnant with a boy. I hope I finish in time. I'm only getting about 2 rows a day...

Sakura sent me this picture of herself and Jes when she went to Denver to visit. My sister and my daughter.....


Went for a walk without sunglasses on purpose just to get as much sun in my eyes as possible. Great walk/run with lots of stamina.
The porch is cute, hu? Much better. I'm shopping for an outdoor rug or runner and plan to re-finish the teak chairs/table.


 I did some shopping today at Lowes and an antique store and did some porch decorating. Hung these three baskets I filled I filled with pansies, snap dragons, and cabbages.
Bought some house numbers to do something with, and this funky find.
Then picked up my pottery from the studio. It was so much fun being back there.
Dan and I went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Now, that was a treat.


The lesson in tonight's class was DRONES.
A great time was had by all. 


LACA and I were on a walk and noticed that the water in the museum pond is SO low, that a log or something is exposed and the geese are climbing up on it.
The bunnies need a bath.

I was lying on the couch and looked up and just admired this scene- the combination of wood and dark and colors. No reason. Just liked it.


More photos from the park on my walks. Fall is in the air-- it finally felt like fall today. 


My heart, my love, my son.

Photo taken by JES while they were on a hike in Colorado.
I have to pretend he is still here-- to pretend he is in his room on his computer, or pretend he is at his apartment-- just to not realize the intense reality that he is far far away, and will be going farther, to Oregon, for a job.

How did my great great grandparents Joshua Magidson and Naomi Jachad, of Osveya Belarus deal with their only daughter Ester Gittel (Gussie) getting on a boat for America when she was 18, never to be seen again? Then a son left... then another... then two more went to Latvia, and another to Russia... then the wars?

Perspective. Keep it in perspective, Chrissy.


I have lost 20 pounds this year.
Whether that's due to:
1. walking
2. my TSH being basically zero for most of the year
3. the epilepsy drug
4. my diet,
I do not know.


I go for a walk every Saturday morning with my friend from high school, LACA. She loves capturing inspiring moments with her camera too.... and it's always good for me to listen to her stories and her wisdom. She is a gentle soul.