Cat and Mouse photo.
It's impossible to work at my desk now. Teensie wants to knock everything off.


We went to a concert tonight. Sundilla is a local concert venue that hosts bands about once a month or so. This one was the best! Each musician was so incredibly talented. I can't say that the lyrics moved me, but the music sure did. I got to knit while we listened.


This is what we designed and printed! It holds up foam core pieces as dividers between students at desks during tests.


I was asked to "stage" an event for a visit by the new president of the university in the College of Ed library. Instead of staging something, we actually worked on designing a bracket that one of my graduates, now a middle school teacher, requested. In one hour, we had it designed and it was printing on the Maker Bot.


THE eclipse of the century.

Me and Mrs. Jones.

I felt like a college student again, lying on the green lawn on campus with my eclipse glasses next to my friend Jones, looking up at the sun. 

There were little crescent shaped images in the tree shadows. 
Then I taught two classes.
Dan comes back tonight from his backpacking trek.


Cute Kitten Photo of the Day

So, today I drove out into the country with a guy from church to talk to the minister and the choir director about my future role as pianist. I told them I only wanted to play twice a month, which was good, because the former choir director will play the other two times a month. I enjoy playing, but never anticipated it becoming an every week thing until the former choir director quit (and reasons for which are mysterious and secretive and speculative... but she has agreed to play only the choir songs twice a month). So, this house out in the country was built around 1830. I'm not sure I've ever been in a house that old in this country. Except for Monticello. And Montpelier. And Mount Vernon. 

Mom had us over for dinner and she made this cherry and peach pie that was to die for. Fresh, hand-pitted cherries.


Look who found Zara's penguin! 


This photo is going to be published. I got a paper accepted and they requested an additional photo, which I took today.


My last day in LA with Jes and we scored some sweet finds! It's looking like a real apartment! 
Long flight home--- arrived after midnight, tired, but feeling like I really did something good. It was an epic journey with my daughter!


So far we have a TV and a coffee table, a rug and a camp chair.

But we are feeling fine!

And we had dinner in Pasadena with my aunt and uncle, and sister Sakura and Fossy and Buddy and Jes got some loaner furniture from Uncle Turkey.


OH the traffic.
Looking for furniture, shopping.... moving heavy things....
We are doing great though.


This is how the California sunshine looks on me.

We made it! 
Jes's new apartment!


We loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.
Hills that it.
Swimming Pools. Movie Stars.

We arrived in Vegas late at night and found a nice casino hotel with a possessed alarm clock.


Hello Denver, Colorado and my daughter JES!
She had her going away party today and I flew out to help her drive to Los Angeles.
So, 8-7-17 I came home from Oregon and 8-9-17 I was back out west in Colorado.


Farewell to the Oregon coast.


Today we woke late-- Dan made us eggs and sausages. After lunch we went to see Thor's Well, a feature which looks like a hole in the ocean. It was really really cool (below) . Above is a panorama of the view from above. We hiked down to see this feature where the tide comes in and the pool fills with water and then it drains down like a bathtub.

I went to an art gallery while Dan and Squirt did a three hour hike up a mountain. Then I knitted and graded papers. Tomorrow is our last day here and we plan to get up early and go look in the tide pools for critters.


Friday. We hiked the Yachats 804, a trail along the shore. It went through some dense dark woods too. It cut across the highway and up into a botanical gardens with interesting plants and huge trees.
For dinner we went to a fish and chips place. It was misting a bit so we sat outside under a canopy.
I am sleeping SO well with the window open just so I can hear the sound of the surf crashing on the rocks. What a perfect lullaby.

Being with Squirt is so rewarding. 


This morning Dan and I walked to the OSU campus and back, stopping at a Starbucks for a venti iced green tea on the way, and stopping at a yarn store on the way back. It was about a five mile trip. The campus was striking with its huge trees- we saw a giant sequoia, redwoods, cypress trees.

I wore my AU t-shirt, which Dan said was like rubbing salt in a wound but I didn't care.
Squirt got off work and came to our little room and picked us up. We drove 2 hours to the coast and found our little cottage in Yachats. We had dinner at the brewery and I had hemp milk curried falafel and fig kombucha. 


We are staying in a room on the back of this house through Airbnb. I can't describe how hot 106 F is. We went out in the morning and walked around the city some, but had to get back in time to stay cool in our little room.  

After dinner Squirt came over and took us to see where he works. I was very impressed with the interior and especially all the food they stock in the kitchen! 



 We woke at 4am and drove to ATL watching the sun rise.

Then, we flew across the country. It took 15 hours to get from out house to Squirt's house but we did it anyways. Here is a view of Mt. Hood from the plane. Or maybe that was Mt. Ranier. I can't remember.


Nana and Teensie

Today I played piano at church, had a nice visit with a fellow ATN endurer, had a visit from my mom, cooked a really good chicken curry, and generally felt well.