The Sun sets on 2008. Jes and I spent half the day running errands. The other half I spent finishing up our yearly newsletter and family photo. This evening Dan and I will work on envelopes and such together. We love the ritual. This year's newsletter is quite special. Tonight Aza's Tom departs for Iraq. She is in NC with him and his family. It's a tough way to spend New Year's Eve. Jes is going out with friends and Squirt is goofing off with his buddies, the Bosnain Kaos. I'd better get supper started. Tomorrow we will have Hoppin' John to start off the NEW YEAR right. Good night, 2008. It was a good year.
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New boots! NOW I'm ready for job interviews. Spent half the day in bed with an unexpected migraine. No idea where it came from. Pizza? Could it have been the Mellow Mushroom pizza?
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On the way home from Auburn. We stopped at a shoe store that advertised Danskos and I found the boots I'd been wanting at a great price. Here's my happy smile. Then we drove past the peach and my iPhone took a mixed up photo. Hmmm... What's with that?
We stopped for some boiled peanuts and fireworks. Jes was happy with her peanuts and Squirt was mad he didn't get the TNT he'd been hoping for. From the look on his face, I'm glad we only agreed to bottle rockets. We had a near miss with a poorly driven car and I had to call the State Highway Patrol and report this miscreant car, but thankfully Dan was able to steer us to safety. We all were asleep and awoke with quite a fright but safe and sound.

Safely home, very tired. Very very tired.


These are Buddy's hands. He is only 6 months old and he almost can play Beethoven. Almost.

Today was very busy- our last day in Auburn for the holidays. Lots of visiting and running around getting our new cellphone plan switched to AT&T. We went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner with Mom and Squirt bought himself a funny t-shirt.


Today I was tired. We ate breakfast late then Aza left for NC, then Dan and Jes and I went to the museum, then we went to visit Bob and Mark, then we came back to my Mom's house as the sun was setting. The sunset was so pretty and I took a photo of it. After we got home, there were more visits from my sister and bro-in-law and Buddy, Jennifer, Ben, and Professor Hall. Still tired. Late supper. Our stay in the deep south is coming to a close. 70 degree days will be no longer as we journey North again on Monday past the big peach.
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This is what used to be the Greenhouse Restaurant, my Mom's business
in Opelika. I took this with my new iPhone and am posting from the
phone too. How cool is this!


A good time was had by all!

First Christmas for Buddy. I got two gifts from my wislist- a new macro lens and an iPhone! These photos all taken with new lens. Pretty sweet. We'll go pick up the iPhone tomorrow and I hope I can transfer my phone number over. Squirt was pretty surprised with his new guitar and Jes and Aza got KitchenAide mixers from Nana which blew them away! We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and it was a great morning.


After church we had a nice dinner party with family. Here is me and Kate and our mom who reminds me of Julia Child in this photo.

And then there's baby B taking it all in. Sweet little nephew!

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The big peach in South Carolina- the halfway landmark on our way to Alabama.
Atlanta rush hour traffic! Yeah!
But we got to see a cool Coke sign and the Olympic Torch.
We made it to Auburn in 10.5 hours- record time. Thank goodness for the new bypasses around Danville and Lynchburg.
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Squirt never checks this blog. I doubt he even knows the address which is a good thing because I have some very funny pictures of him on here! So here's the secret.... He is getting this case and what's inside it for Christmas. No more borrowing his sister's. The contents of the case are VERY special. That secret I will not divulge until after Christmas. I'm sure you can figure out the something that's inside but it's a very special something.

Frisbee and Sophie look so cute together!
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We had a nice visit today with Igor and Anne who were stopping through town. It had been 4 months since we'd seen them. Nice to catch up. I got to page 221 this afternoon.
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Richmond International Airport- Mother and Daughter Reunion
Jes is home! Squirt tries to serve her fish sticks when she arrives at 1am (see clock) hungry. But you can see from the look on her face, she's not too crazy about the treat Squirt prepared. Aza is like, "mom, why are you taking this stupid picture?" and it's because I'm just sooooo happy all my kids are home under one roof. It's the best feeling ever.

We drove to DC today for the funeral of my cousin. It was an amazing celebration of his life. Two hours of eulogies. Truly amazing. Then we went to Dan's work Christmas party which was really nice this year. Then we rushed to Richmond to get Jes. Home at 1:10am Saturday night (really Sunday but I don't look at it that way.) Tomorrow Igor and Anne visit for lunch!


Sophie and Frisbee both like dog food. I thought this photo looked better in black and white. I got to page 216 on my dissertation today. Oh how I hope to finish chapter 4 before Christmas. That would be my present. Still no signs of Maya. I've done so much to find that cat- like a needle in a haystack. Today Dan had surgery on his eye and I had like waaay too many mammograms. But all is well. All Clear!
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Last kiss from Mittens. She is with me still... Hand bruise is from misplaced IV. MRI results are fine at least! I have an interview over the phone in 30 minutes and I'm so nervous my stomach is in knots. Afraid I'll get tongue tied. Breathe, Chrissy... breathe.
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Some old photos and paintings with quotes. Captures the mood today. Hopeful.


This big heart goes out to everyone who has helped try to find Maya through prayers, cheers, crossed fingers, flyer distribution, door knocking, phone calls, crazy wild emails, Facebook groups, MySpace adds, etcetera. As this day dawns, I hope good things will happen to those who wait and work while waiting.

I have an MRI this morning.

I miss Mittens.

I hope to go to Ashland today.

I hope Maya wants to come home.

(Photo of Tom's glow stick in the dark bathroom. 5 sec exposure, f4.5)

Epilogue: The cat we hoped was Maya was not. She was similar but not the same. My MRI was not fun as the IV went into my tissues not my vein and the injection hurt like fire. I had to be re-stuck in the crook of my arm and was in the tube for almost an hour face down. I didn't go to Ashland. I still miss Mittens. Squirt said he heard her at the back door today and went and opened it to let her in. Then when he saw no cat out there he remembered....



Born May 1990

Died December 14, 2008 in my arms


Worked hard all day writing. Got to page 198 actually! Things are coming along. Squirt has all his friends over tonight playing music loudly, so I'm wearing earplugs. Good to have his buddies home for Christmas break. The moon was pretty cool so I took some photos. A ring around the moon or sun means snow or rain is soon to come.
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I always thought those handmade fleece blankets were nice- the kind you tie, not sew. I am in the process of making two. Finished one and working on the other. For a couple of foster kids in Oregon who requested fuzzy blankets for Christmas. Dan and I indulged and watched 3 episodes of Lost tonight. I wrote like 10 pages today. It was a goood day.
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Sophie always likes to get up in my desk stuff. Here she is under the printer. It's alright as long as she doesn't walk on my keyboard. See dissertation on screen.
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