We left Seward at 9am after a partial (very partial) climb of Mt. Marathon. The drive to Homer took about five hours with several stops along the way. One stop was Clam Gulch, not too photo worthy. This stop was in an old Russian town called Ninichuk or something like that. I had an encounter with Cow Parsnip, or Eskimo Celery which lined the path through the cemetery. It gave me an interesting stinging rash for a while.

When we arrived at our B&B in Homer I was thrown back into something I can only describe as a lost part of myself. This is the view from the back deck, from our bedroom window. Was sat on the rocking bench while I knitted and Dan looked for a restaurant. Peace. Birds. We each saw a bald eagle fly right in front of us.

Dinner at Two Sisters was pure, clear, fresh, artsy, delicate. 


A six hour cruise. That's what we went on today. While we did not shipwreck into an iceberg, I did get sea sick and slept on the floor of the boat on the way back.

Yes, that is a glacier. Holgate Glacier. It was indeed blue. 
We saw whales and otters and sea lions and birds. We made some friends from Canada. 

Below is Seward, the town we are staying in. On the 4th of July every year they have a race to the top of this mountain behind the town. It's called Marathon Mountain, for that reason. Many can do it in under an hour.

This evening we walked on a trail that went around a couple of small lakes and saw what we think were young salmon hanging out under a tree. We walked through a fern dark moist forest and exited onto a road with a hamburger joint in a school bus. Split a burger and walked along the water past campers with wood fires and children wrestling in the grass. A girl sat on a rock by the water just looking out. Wind, cool breeze. Made strawberry smoothies in the blender for dessert...


 Today we hiked to what is called Exit Glacier. You could definitely see that it was blue. The saddest thing was hearing about how much it has retreated since the turn-of-the-century, 1900. 

 This is the water that runs off of the glacier into what appears to be a very large silt pond.  You can see in the alder trees looking green in the foreground, and the Sitka pines in the background. The glacier used to extend all the way to the very end of the alder trees. Alder trees are the first to colonize the ground once the glacier has retreated. 

 This is the view out the window of the little house we are staying in. You can see Mount Alice. Well, the clouds are covering. 


 This morning we left for Alaska. The flight was seven hours long, but we got to see the most amazing view from up above. You could see mountains like I've never seen before, and glaciers.  We arrived at what felt like 11 PM my time. And then we had to get to Seward Alaska, which was two hours away. By the time we arrived, we were both completely exhausted and it felt like two in the morning, but it was still light outside. House is cute. It has two floors, and be sleep on the lower floor. Upstairs is a kitchen and a living space. There's a little deck it looks out over Mount Ellis on the resurrection sound.  Little house is cute. It has two floors, and we sleep on the lower floor. Upstairs is a kitchen and a living space. There's a little deck and it looks out over Mount Alice on Resurrection Sound 


Nana, Buddy, and Moo Shoo

Knitting a blanket for good luck. Not saying who it's for...

Mom made this blueberry pie from Josie's blueberries in her yard. OMG I was back in Maine.



I gave in and went up on my dose of the medicine I'm trying to get off of, and my face pain stopped. Not sure if it will really work, but it works for now. This is my pride and joy- my birdhouse I made.


Dan dropped me off at the pottery studio today and I picked up my latest things to emerge from the kiln. I had a bad day today. Really broke down after a drive to my office to get my recorder. Three and a half weeks of this pain with a couple nice breaks, and I'm just done. Plain done.


We went to B'ham today to see a neurologist about my pain in the face. Passed this sign on the way.
Had an MRI. Fell asleep 5 times in the tube. I love that tube and all those noises. Seriously.


My nephews and sister Sakura are here this week. My view from my spot on the couch of them playing on iPads. I finally started to feel better today. 


I went shopping from bed the other day and ordered these Tevas. They came today and I like them.


I have had a rough time starting on May 29th. The pain got really bad by June 7. By the 13th, this is what I was dealing with. I saw the doctor again today, but he was no help at all. It hurts to even put my glasses on.


Workshop for teachers went well-- and they had almost everything on the list to play with as they designed curriculum!


I had a meeting with my students today- we were brainstorming household items we could use for science experiments and engineering design challenges.We crossed out antifreeze, opossums, asbestos, and razors.


When I lived in Kentucky, there were so many amazing things flowering in the gardens at all times, most months of the year, that my camera was always ready and my blog was full. Now, either I'm tired of photos, or tired of life, or unenthused about nature. But this Bee Balm flowering in the back yard is really cool, so I captured it. Perhaps I'll get a bee on one.


Squirt got this app on his phone which takes 360 degree photos. He brought me a VR headset and when you look at the picture through it, you can look all over the room with it. Anyway, this is my den. But it's not really like this.