More pots come out of the kiln. Dan made the one on the right.
I signed up for pottery class for 10 more sessions. Now that I'm getting the hang of it, I don't want to quit.
Genealogy research has paid off splendidly. I've met so many cousins online, and even one from Russia. I talk by phone with one regularly.


The first bowls come out of the kiln.

I don't like the thin brown glaze inside this. Must remember not to use it again.


A windmill at the Bascom Art Museum in Highlands, and a knitted sculpture. We left today... and will miss the mountains until next time.


Sunset in Highlands

Dry Falls. Not dry.


 We are in Highlands, NC for the weekend. We hiked a mountain and I felt strong-- not winded-- strong the whole way to the top. Walking every day for 2.5 months has really made a difference in my stamina and heart health.


The house up the street, where a former house was demolished, is being built. It is huge and massively towers over the little brick house next door.


I wasn't there, but Squirt went to Colorado to see Jes and took this selfie while on a 5 hour hike in the mountains. Just look at my boy!


Spring break, yellow roses bloom, and we get a visit from Meg and Gary from C'ville. 
We showed them around campus.


Today I switched notebooks and couldn't bear to dismiss my doodles, so I photographed them. My work researching my ancestors continues and yields new discoveries every day.


My students at the rural high school spinning wool into yarn.
This week I found my cousin Nancy, the professor and author, who lives in Massachusetts. Going back in my genealogy resulted in finding her. Joy oh joy!


My  newest obsession...