The kitchen floor is in! We had a nice dinner at mom's out on the back deck with friends.
Frisbee is doing much better.


Oh my goodness I'm the faculty adviser for a sorority. How did that happen???


A bedtime treat: warm cup of decaf and two knitting projects!

Today I met with students and prospective students for several hours. Rode my bike to school and back.

Tomorrow is going to be spent all day with girls in the new engineering sorority I'm faculty adviser for. Better bring knitting.


I walked to school today and it gave me a headache. Had a tall glass of iced tea at Starbucks with a new colleague and went to class anyway. It went away as I was teaching. Great class.


I cooked tonight. CJ inspired me to make salads and actually cook again. It felt good and my family sure appreciated it.


CJ left today. It was sad. I finished crocheting this shawl and stayed home all day catching up on work. No migraine- I felt good. We voted tonight in the local election and then got burgers from 5 Guys.


I had that migraine today too until CJ and Dan sent me to a massage therapy place and after two hours it got worked out. I got home, put my hair up in a bun, and went to class to teach. CJ watched and took this picture. I love teaching so much. I just had to get better to go to class tonight.


So today I had a migraine, but I was determined to take CJ to the Overall Company in Opelika for a decaf latte. We went- and it was great. I'm using her photo because I didn't take any-- my bad.


I taught CJ how to knit! We went to downtown Opelika today and hit up a yarn shop. Had lunch at an Italian place, and went in a few shops.


Here I was after driving around trying to find the International Terminal at the Atlanta Airport (it dawned on me on the drive that Canada is not actually in this country). I called CJ trying to find out where she was and after parking and going inside the International Terminal we found each other! Yay! 
It had been three years...
We were happy to see each other again.


My sweet girls gave me a special collection of gifts for my birthday. Today I hung the cute turquoise (my favorite color now) bird house up on the patio.


When we were in Highlands, we bought these lamps. See? I think they look nice and it sure is good to not have to have the overhead lights on to see. I can just turn on one lamp. See my purse? The green one is my yarn (knitting and crocheting) bag.


My birthday ring from Dan- amber.

Dry Falls. Anything but! We walked under it.

Dan's in the corn crib.
We really enjoyed our vacation in Highlands. Back to work tomorrow.


I'm fine. Best sleep ever last night. Great day shopping for my birthday present in Highlands. Amber earrings, ring, and pin/pendant for necklace. Tonight dinner at Wild Thyme.


My workshop went well but the migraine came back around 2pm strongly. Dan drove the 5.5 hours to our cabin in Highlands with my eyes covered. Pain pain pain.
This is our Nest for Two.


We stayed here, at the Inn at Va Tech. My day was horrid. Migraine so bad I was curled up in a ball on the floor during our meeting. Afterwards spent the rest if the day and evening in bed.

9-11-1963 oops 2013

Happy birthday. Spent in the car knitting while a passenger on the way to Virginia, the place of my birth.



Drywall in my mom's kitchen.

I love the shape of this opening.


My birthday cake!

Celebrating 50 with some high school friends.

Opening my cards. Dan and Mom threw me a lovely party.


My mom's kitchen progress.

Looks rough.


New glasses! Double vision gone! My first pair of bifocals.


Submitted my dossier today and went to Opelika to celebrate. Dinner at MaFia's and dessert at the Overall Company.