Really cool sky at 7:45pm in the Whole Foods parking lot reflected on
the car roof. It was a good day. Crisp, cool, nice walk home from a
productive day at the office. Missing my children so much today.


We have company this weekend: siblings-in-law from Wisconsin! Here they are with Frisbee and Dan in the arboretum this afternoon before the football game. We didn't go, but it was fun to see all the tailgaters.
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Went to the Manhatten Film Festival last night. Doctor, shopping, and
cleaning and grading papers today. Busy busy working.


Fossil concretion I found in Maysville, Kentucky. Busy busy working.


Got up early this morning to hit the road. This is the lodge where we stayed. Fall is happening a little bit there. We went on a fossil hunting trip with the geologist from Ohio State and we had the most fantastic time. It was raining, but I wore Dan's hiking clothes and had an umbrella. We got so many cool fossils. I will photograph them and post later.
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Today I gave my presentation at the conference and it was well received. Afterwards I listened to a geology talk by a geologist and this is a photo of some trace fossils left behind by zoophychus or something like that.

I got a migraine in the afternoon but after a while was well enough to go into Portsmouth for dinner. We saw a cool cable-stayed bridge (my favorite) and the sunset over the Ohio River.

The coolest thing about this town is the amazing murals painted all along the flood wall. They were simply amazing works of art. I took photos until it got too dark. We had dinner at a brewery.

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Today we got off to a late start due to a flat tire. We headed north and passed through Maysville, Kentucky. Had lunch in a nice restaurant there which had George Clooney photos all over the walls. We crossed over the Ohio River and entered Ohio. The bluffs on either side of the river reminded me of the Blue Ridge. Very pretty.
I tried to take some moving pictures on the drive but they came out funny. I though it was very interesting how this barn got in the way of the field I was trying to photograph and the barn came out all warped.
We got to the conference and checked into our hotel room and I got a good night's sleep.
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Happy Birthday Grandma!
Today I taught, wrote, printed, packed, prepared, and just stayed too busy. Tomorrow I leave for a conference but I really don't want to go, I'm so tired. These are the sunflowers Vicki got for our party. They are still very pretty!
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The day of the big talk, I got a parking ticket for parking in a spot that was not well marked as only for service vehicles. How was I to know what those white and yellow dashes meant? There was NO sign! $25 ticket. Blast it. The talk went great and both Mom and Vicki left today. We spent the evening recovering from four full days of non-stop activity. We even went to an antique store this morning and I got an 1890s chair.
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Book signing at the university bookstore. The display was beautiful and the kids were fascinated. The boy below couldn't decide which science book to pick out!!
This evening I had a party with lots of special people. It was really fun, especially since my mom did all the cooking! I wish I'd taken pictures but guess I was having too good of a time.
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Ate my own figs this morning!
Bourbon tour this afternoon... and then Shaker Village ... and then Dudley's for dinner. Mmmmm....
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a.m. -Farmer's Market
noon -Pick up Mom and Vicki from airport
afternoon -Visit Keeneland and watch horses on parade for sale
evening -Neighborhood picnic and great discussions with new friends
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I woke at 5:30am. It was still dark. I woke to the sound of my daughter saying HI and the sight of her standing there in her usual attire with a scarf around her neck. Then she was gone. And I laid in bed pondering that sighting until I decided to just go on and get up. Jes was still in Colorado, and I had a birthday to celebrate! At 6:30 I took a photo of the sunrise over my neighbor's house. Walked to school at 8, worked all day and took the bus home. My dear colleague brought me red roses, and another cookies. I felt loved. When I got home Dan gave me the best present of all- he vacuumed the entire house! Then took me out to dinner at a fine restaurant in Shakertown. I got a ton of Facebook birthday wishes, and it was a good good day. Glad to be alive.
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We did it!!! It's done!!!! My corner cabinets have corners, the curtain is hung, everything is painted and done. All I need now is some artwork and we would like to have one more piece of furniture for china. And I think I'll put my candlesticks on the buffet. Now we can have a party!
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Today Dan surprised me. I walked home so fast because he said he had gone to Home Depot and I figured that meant he got the ceiling fixture for the Chicken Chandelier. He did! Now our house feels like home.
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Today Dan got the trim back from the carpenter who made a matching piece and he installed all the baseboard molding.
I thought that the wall made a very nice backdrop for a photo of these flowers. Love the way the light behaved.
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Today Dan finished the floor with polyurethane. He lined up the chairs to keep Frisbee from walking on the new section. It looks great! Everything is ready except the floor molding which should be ready tomorrow. We had to have a carpenter make it for us. Click on the picture below to see how pretty the wall looks then look back at what we had to start with when the book cases came down! What a long way...
I also decided to paint the front door since it was not painted the same color as the rest of the trim. I gave it two coats and it looks very nice. I think I'll leave the curtains off for now and see how it works out. It's so pretty from the street to see the house with the glass door.
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Sunday afternoon... painting away in Lexington-ville. Here's Dan using "the strong stuff" to refinish the floor. The wall is primed and painted.
Now the floor is stripped and the trim is also painted with semigloss. So is the crown molding.
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The wall so far. The trim around the window is done. The wall is in the process of being primed, but is not painted yet. We will finish priming it by tonight.

We got invited to a party down the street. It was so fancy- a band played, there was a bartender, good food, lights all over the back yard, chairs everywhere in groupings, candles everywhere... about 50 people or so. We had a great time! I came home and at 11pm worked on our wall project some more.
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It's Friday. We worked all day then took a walk in the evening and heard some sort of game going on at the University so we walked over and checked it out. It was a soccer game. On our walk home we heard Kentucky score. They were screaming and blowing horns really loud.
So the window is framed in but does not have the decorative trim yet. Dan tried to strip the floor with Safest Stripper and it did not work. It looked horrible. Here he has his planer out making the new wood trim match the old wood trim. I think we're going to be working on this wall all weekend.
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