Mom's birthday! And a lunar eclipse! Here's my best picture out of like 80something that I took. Jes came over and she and Squirt and I stood outside in the cold watching the moon get eaten up by the Earth's shadow. Dan came outside for a while but he was too cold. Jes was all wrapped up in a sleeping bag, which helped.


It's a pretty day out and I've been working really hard on re-writing Chapter 3. Now that all the Marzipan is gone, I'm going through withdrawals. And feeling chubby! My mom called today because she got my present-- a book I had made for her. She was soooo excited about it. I'll take a picture of it because I had one made for me too.


OK, so like, I ate some marzipan. Well, SOMEBODY ate it. There was 2 pounds on Valentines' morning and now this is all that's left. It's almost gone. Jes must have snuck over here and eaten it, or else Squirt ate it what with his ability to stay up all night and do things we only learn about days later.


We drove to see Aza and she took me to the place where she got her hair done. I said, "Make mine just like hers!" and look- it is! We had dinner at a nice restaurant and Aza had a BLAT-- bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato sandwich. It looked awesome.


Today I went to meet with my advisor about my dissertation chapter 3. I found out that I have a lot of work to do and I'm not happy. So I'm going to just eat marzipan and forget about it for a day or two.


Valentine's Day. I made chili for dinner for my "boys" and Dan gave me 2 pounds of little marzipan candies shaped like fruit. I love them!


Squirt turned 17 today. At 6 feet tall, he's not much of a squirt, but I've been calling him that since he was 2 years old, so it stuck. The girls came over and we all went out to a Japanese steak house for dinner where the cook prepared everything in front of us in flames with lots of flash and bang.


Today Dan and I went for a walk around campus. We also stopped in at Brooks Hall where Jes has some photos on display. She did an ethnographic study of a bowling alley through film.


Uncle Raven I and have been friends with each other and with Murph for 30 years. We went to Murph's funeral today and did a eulogy together. He was a pall bearer. We went out to lunch afterwards with the family and close friends. It was a really really hard thing to do, but our heavy hearts were eased because we had our spouses with us, and RavenHawk's new little baby girl.


Felt better today and made plans for going to Murph's funeral later this week. Took some chicken pictures and framed one of K's Buddhist prints. Feeling blue.


This morning my high school friend of thirty years, Murph, died. She died of heart failure while waiting for a transplant. I was actually coming out of my crummy slump around noon when I got the news. Dan took me for a walk by the river, me with my swollen red teary eyes, and I took a picture of the river thinking of life.


Dan and I have been walking different places around town recently. Today we walked around a section called Belmont. It was really interesting. Then we had dinner downtown. I felt crummy though- tired and achy and kinda crummy.


It iced today. Squirt had off school.