Breakfast this morning was bagels and lox cream cheese in the little park across the street with the amazingly loud waterfall. Greenacre Park is really a gem.

After dropping off our luggage at my cousin's house, we went to the United Nations. It took over an hour to get in after all kinds of security checks and such, but we got tickets for a tour of the important rooms in the complex.

After the UN, we decided to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was overwhelmingly amazing. I got to see this Monet that I'd had a poster of when I was in college.


My meeting ended and I had no choice but to take the subway back to the hotel. It was pretty far away, and a taxi would have been really expensive. So, I got someone at the meeting to show me how to navigate to the station and buy a ticket. She, however, did not show me how to enter the station, and I pushed the thingy after swiping my ticket, and it wouldn't let me through. A little old homeless lady saw me go back to buy another ticket, and she let me in through the emergency exit. 

We had dinner with my cousins M and J, whom I found during my epic genealogy search last year. They loved Dan, and we really did all get along splendidly. So much to talk about!


Today's meeting was at this place called the Center for Social Innovation. it was a funky, cool space and we had a really delish and healthy lunch there too. 

Somebody had paced these Buddah Booths out in the hallway. So, I took advantage of one. 

It was a busy work day-- lasting from 8:30 - 4:30 or so.


This is my first cousin, PJ. I found him about 6 months ago and started emailing him. We met today for the first time. We seemed to have a lot in common, and got along great. We have the same nose.

Dan and I toured a bunch of famous places like Rockerfeller Center and St. Patrick's Cathedral. I wanted my picture taken under this sign that shows up in SNL a lot. 

Before turning in, we visited the roof garden and looked out over the city. 


Landing in Laguardia was not too impressive. We took a taxi to Manhattan, to our hotel-- Pod 51.

The bed had about 3' of space around it on three sides.

The bathroom was about as tiny as you could make one.

We had dinner at Mia's around the corner, splitting a pizza and a salad. That salad was SO good. 


We left this morning for New York. Yesterday I told my students that my life felt as if I'd spilled a box of tacks on the floor, and had to pick them each up. Packing and hitting the road was one tack picked up and put away.
(Found this tack in my shoe this morning. Strange.)


Last class of the semester with my assessment students. It was short-- we went over the study guide, and my student Rocky the Tiger drew this portrait of me on the board.


Mom made a dacquoise for our friend's birthday and boy, was it a treat! We had a nice time at the party, and we all got to sit outside - the weather was so nice. I got to talk to Tee, who gave me a lot of life lessons. She is 90something, and imparted much wisdom. The thinks I remember most are that nobody ever wants advice, and that the only think I have control over in life is my thoughts. 


Soap dishes I'm working on.


Out at the school I'm working at, we had a really successful roller coaster design with a light at the end of the trip. 


Easter dinner with a lovely coconut cake.

The gang's all here. 

Urs and Em cut the cake.


I'm working on this bird house with a "thatched" roof. 


Met with my students at the local hangout, then scooted out for my last observation of an intern. 


I just randomly carved into this bowl I'd made because it seemed like a fun thing to do. Not sure how I will glaze it! 


Frannie's funeral was today.
The reception was catered by my mom's catering company.
I cried so much because it was at the church my mom goes to, and Frannie's ashes were buried right next to where my mom's will be and everything just seemed so sad.

I had a BAD day yesterday. very bad. very bad.
I'm thinking of quitting my job or at least looking for a new one. I'm going to talk to my department head to tell him how bad it is, but if things don't change, I'm going to have to leave.

Frannie died from stress.
This stress just might kill me.
I need my life to change.


I went to visit my former student who had a baby-- and brought a handknit wool blankie.
He is so cute!


We had an "Alabama Snow Day" today.
Schools all over the state, including the university I teach at, were closed due to bad weather.
The weather was pretty good most of the day, with some hail at night.

I peeked into my birdhouse and there is a chickadee nesting in it!


Kids spinning fibers

They built switches.  Some used their hands....

others used their feet.

I got home and read my email.
Frannie died this morning. 
We are all in a total state of shock.
They said it was "broken heart syndrome."


Dan and his grandcat.
Sunday- we went to church, didn't really feel all that social.
Found out Frannie was in the hospital with a heart issue. Not a heart attack, but they wanted to keep her and watch her overnight. We weren't too worried.


I was so proud of my students teaching the STEM PD. But boy was it ever cold in that room!!!!

Tonight we had dinner at Mom's house. Almost the whole gang was there. I wish I took a photo of them all. It was a lovely dinner and the next day Frannie was taken to the hospital.


Getting ready for an all-day professional development tomorrow-- I think I made just enough soda socks.

Zara was interested in them too.




Update on the magic orchid that just knows what to do! 

My students and I messed around with more penguin stuff today. I love Wednesdays when we get to mess around with curriculum ideas.


My dad was in town this week. We did some searching in the library for some family history in Demopolis Alabama. Meanwhile, Mom got back some more DNA stuff. See the orange dots? That's where her father's parents are likely from.

We had family in Marengo, Alabama (below)


Getting ready for pottery classes to start up soon... I finished these two bird houses in advance.