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I did this today. Mixed the paint, taped, painted, and cleaned up. It had been on my to-do list for a year and it feels really good to get it done. It's the same color as our hall bathroom in Kentucky and I mixed it myself from old paints we had on hand- based on the sample you see perched on the empty paper towel holder. 


Looking for a new color for the front door. Something a shade less green and a smidge more blue. Dusty Tiffany maybe. Opinions?


I did this today. My sister Sta and I went to Lowe's and bought plants and pots to decorate my front porch better. Dan said, so, when are you going back to buy a third pot like the others? On my next trip to Lowe's. And we really need to get that mold off the paint. and I really don't like the color of those steps anyway. What color would look good? Red?


Dan bought this yesterday from an antique store in Pine Hill. I wonder what its story is...


I've been going for walks each morning. This morning I saw this kudzu covered forest with a hidey hole and thought that if I were a kid again, I'd go exploring in there and end up covered in poison ivy and mosquito bites. 

What do you notice about this scene?