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11-24 16

Thanksgiving day.
I made a Paleo dinner:
 A turkey breast stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and onions,
Gravy from turkey broth, schmaltz, and cauliflower (it was delish)
Butternut squash souffles
Roasted sweet potatoes and onions with rosemary
and for dessert--- bread pudding from pumpkin bread I'd made with almond flour.


Just had to post this of Jes and Aza. They are my superheroes.


New Year's Eve! We ended the year at my mom's house with a party of about 30 people for dinner. Here we have Fossy, Aza, Squirt, and Strawberry Shortcake. The main dish was pork tenderloin with cherries, and the side dishes were various roasted vegetables, salads, etc. Dessert was creme brûlée with a dark chocolate dipped macaroon.


Sakura and Fossy finger knitting...

Dan and Buddy playing backgammon on the iPad...

Jes, Aza, Fossy and Buddy playing with K'nex! 


The kids on Christmas day at Nana's house.


My new hobby- carving and printing.
We fixed Squirt's guitar today. 
Aza is making a hat...


We went to Calloway Gardens.
Aza and Dan and I went to Calloway Gardens. Butterfly exhibit and owl and hawk show.


This one's for you, Aza!!! I enjoyed our little excursion into the attic together today :)


Today we moved Aza into her new apartment in the city in which I was born. Here I am with my BFF, fixing to have dinner at a Cuban restaurant in the city.

We unloaded the U-Haul in a short time.

I cleaned... we put stuff down... and it was hot. No AC.
It's an adorable apartment.


Happy 29th birthday to Jes. We left today to go home, and so did she. 


Buddy and Fossie got very attached to cousin Aza.