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Socks for Penguins.


My knitting club (called STEAM Studio) is going well. You can see one student made progress after only one week! 


Working on a new knitting project, drinking hot chocolate. 
Today we finished up interviews for the SER position I'm on the search committee for.


Finished my new cowl/scarf today. What else? Worked all day on my annual review materials.


Knitting with Noro!
My newest favorite yarn...


I finished these today. Hardest thing I've ever knit. Too bad one ended up larger than the other one! 


Working on the hardest thing I've ever made. What a pain! And when I finish, I will find that I made one significantly larger than the other.


This is my project at work. Taking hand spun wool and making a coaster for my coffee cup. I like to knit a row when I'm thinking.


I finished blocking this today-- a strange shawl/scarf I made that I'm not crazy about, but will find someone to give to.


Sweater sleeve final attempt.


Sweater sleeve attempt. Frogged.


Another pair of baby socks.
My first week of class went ok. Knitting is my refuge right now.
My cotton harvest is coming along nicely.


With the extra sock yarn, I am making some baby socks. 
Not that I have a baby... but maybe someday I can be a professional knitter and a grandmother.

Mom had us over for dinner and we got to sample two different pies and homemade ice cream. The ice cream was flavored with cinnamon and rum. OMG!!!


The socks I worked on all the way to Virginia and back are done.
I wish I had a job that just involved knitting.
I would design things, spin, knit, publish patterns, photograph things...
Oh, what a life. 
I found my calling too late.



 Working on another sweater.
This is Mr. Kitten below... Strawberry Shortcake's new baby.

Not in the mood to blog lately.


I've been going out to a local school to teach knitting design. This is a knitted mat made for the lizard. It's the first of many knitted designs the kids will make.


Working on a summer sweater with the linen I got in Wisconsin. I'm in Minnesota at a meeting today. Tired.


Sitting in conference sessions, knitting.