The floor is gone. All of it. This is looking through our house into the crawlspace from the shower corner.
Today I felt better. Worked all day on stuff and went to a friend's for a work social this evening. It was fun.


This is where the shower used to be. See the drain hole?

You can see now that the floor is gone. There were 3" of concrete under the tile. They had to hammerjack it out.
I came out of a two day migraine today. Reducing that medicine was hard, plus, I think I got dehydrated from all the Benadryl to sleep. Ug. Went to yet another doctor today.


Here is where the sink was two days ago. 
Today was the first day back at school for me and I felt poorly. Called the neurologist and he told me to reduce one medication. Hopeful.


BEFORE (demolition starts today)

 Moment of awe at the park
Get together tonight with old friends from high school. 
I made an apple and blueberry cobbler that was gluten, sugar, egg, and dairy free.
But after eating two servings my face started hurting bad. 
I wonder if too much fructose makes it flare.


I'm trying to capture moments of awe to off balance the moments of pain.
I have trigeminal neuralgia, and I probably always will. Finding the right medications, doses, times to take them, foods to avoid, is hard.


Woke at 4am as usual and decided not to fight it. Got up and productively worked. Walked. Ate. Worked. Napped. Worked. Cooked. Cleaned up. Watching Olympics. Ready for bed.
My street.


Hole in the floor at the coffee shop. Taught a 5 year old to knit today while chatting with his mom. I had herbal tea.


Pecan tree on my walk this morning.


Rainy day after a terrible night's sleep. A day of pain.


Just a walk in the park. Started a new anti-inflammatory diet today. Hope it calms my firing nerve.


Guess who moved home? He is sorting through all his stuff to figure out what to store in the attic, what to pack in the car, what to sell (most of the furniture is in the car port or his room), and what to save in boxes for shipping later. The plan is to leave for Denver in a week. SQUIRT!!!! We will miss you so much!!!
My walk this morning...

To see the muddy lake

And rain blessed bald cyprus trees.


I finished this today. The pattern is called Hitchhiker and the brand of the yarn is The Alaskan Yarn Company and the colorway is Denali Autumn, and I bought the yarn from a yarn store in Homer, Alaska called Knitty Stash. I started it in Alaska and finished it in Alabama.
It's squishy and yummy.
I took a break from grant writing today to do some cooking! 
Salad with toasted pumpkin seeds... and two little tomatoes I grew.

Grilled chicken with red peppers, toasted pine nuts, basil, garlic, parmesan, and onions.


I'm trying to walk each morning around 7am and greet the day. I have a nice park to walk in. Today ends the month-- a month wrestling with pain while trying to enjoy life day to day. The pain is better than it was in June, but flare ups happen and scare me. Remembering the peace I felt in Alaska helps ground me and relax my nerves. I'm worrying about this fall-- about my mental health, my pain, stress, and just dealing with teaching and working again. Dan and I plan to take several weekend-away trips to cool places like Appalachicola or Highlands to sink into some nature therapy.