OK, so I was a banana for Halloween. The kids loved it- all 100+ of them who came to the door. It's a family heirloom costume, worn by generations of us S...... people thanks to the handiwork of Mom S who made it decades ago. I think another family member wants it for next year...
After the storm clouds passed, the setting sun set the ginko tree ablaze with light, but my camera couldn't capture it fully. I tried to get some creepy shots at night and this one turned out OK. I should have tried to capture the sunset- it was spectacular. I can't believe tomorrow is November.
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Today I had a doc appointment then went to school to pick up some football tickets for Dan and his friend. Took the bus home then got out the camera. Here's the pumpkin we carved last night, and our house in the fall forest.
We have a Japanese maple out front that is beautifully colored, and when the wind was blowing - an unusually warm wind today- I got this richly colored photo of the leaves in motion. I'm taking these pictures with a 50mm Tamron lens, no zoom, all manual. I'm still at a loss for what to do about my camera. This lens is stuck on it and either I buy a new camera body for my three good lenses or I send this one it to get repaired and wait 2 months to get it back. Arg.
If I had a tripod this photo would have come in much clearer, but I kinda like the blurry creepy look. You say it's not creepy? Well, what's that inside the hollow tooth top front? One of a bazillion flies that came out of the thing when I lit it. Eeek! Gross!
Tonight we had ourselves a treat- Graeter's ice cream (Mocha chip) and a movie. The movie was not as good as expected but the ice cream sure was. My first ice cream in a month. We're expecting rain tonight then good weather for Halloween tomorrow. Yeah!
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We carved our pumpkin sans enfants this year. I did the gookey hollowing out and drew the face while Dan did the carving. Then the neighbor dog got ahold of the top and chewed the stem down to a stub!
Today I did my first observations at a school here. A little kindergartener said to me, "What is your name?" I said, "Mrs. S...." and he replied, "I'm not supposed to say that word." :)
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My walk to work today.


This tree really captured my attention while I was taking Frisbee out for a walk this afternoon. Such a bright yellow against the dark wood- I love it. And I fiddled with the f-stop of my old lens and got a cool shot of my rooster bell mounted on the wood shed.
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My dissertations arrived in a box yesterday. This one is for me to keep. I cleverly removed my last name off the photo of it on the stairs in the light. Thought that was symbolic of something, not sure what. I worked most of the day then Dan and I went to a Green Expo and learned all about solar power installations and wind turbines.
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Fall is here, mid October. Some trees have lost their leaves, others are in full color. These are scenes from my bedroom window. Photos taken with my real camera and the old 45mm lens stuck on it. I can use it in the manual mode, so I adjust f-stop and shutter speed and focus. Not bad for a lazy photographer.
And THIS is my Texas moss ball, carefully adopted in June and brought to Virginia then Kentucky. It was outside all summer but now lives on my kitchen window so I will remember to water it.
Dan and I went for a walk late this afternoon downtown and stumbled upon this neighborhood. It has that divided street thing I like so much.
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This morning the STEM writing group met at my house. We had breakfast and shared notes on a piece I wrote, and discussed future work. I got a ride to school for my 1pm videoconference with VT then walked home. This is the sky on the way home as I passed the stadium on my left. See the water tower in the distance? That's in the arboretum. I have other photos of it on this blog.
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Cleaned house today. Floors, bathrooms, stairs, baseboards, dusting,
and organizing. Even hung a painting. Now to keep it this way. Hrmph.


Traveled all day. Almost missed flight #1. Missed flight #2. Took a
taxi from Cincinnati to Lexington where luggage was waiting. Hard day.


Snuggled up on the couch with Buddy reading a book. He has the well-loved Wubbanub in his mouth and Lambie in his arms. Reminds me of Squirt so much....

Playing in the back yard with Buddy and my b-i-l. We had a good day.
It will be sad to leave tomorrow.


My nephew Buddy at a park today. Isn't he so cute? I am enjoying my
California vacation yet managed today to finish a paper I've been
writing for two months. During Buddy's afternoon nap I found two
precious hours needed to complete it. Now to polish it and get it
submitted to a journal.


My pregnant sister. Beautiful! We spent the day playing with Buddy,
her 15 month old. I enjoyed going to church with them this morning.
Had a great dinner with friends and in-law family.


After the workshop I took a train from San Diego to Van Nuys to visit
my sister Sakura and her family. OK, Sakura is not her real name. I
arrived around 8:30 pm. Here is a picture of the coast taken from the
train window.


Hartsfield International Airport (Atlanta) and I am waiting for my
flight to San Diego where I am giving a workshop tomorrow. The
workshop is to train teachers around the country to use the penguin
curriculum I developed.


Back from our tour of western Virginia. My "real" camera is broken and until I get it fixed, the iPhone camera will just have to do. I think it takes pretty sweet photos. This is a photo of the cold Kentucky rain we had today, viewed from inside my warm cozy house.
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Worked at Panera all morning then lunched at Bodos. Shopped for jeans
in the afternoon at a little boutique called Penelope- and met LJ's
mom who worked there. Also got three charms to add to my Virginia
bracelet gift from Lizanne, my life long friend. I got an apple, a penguin,
and a crab. Guess why? Tonight we will sleep in our own bed. I miss


In Charlottesville we went out to dinner with our good friends F and T
who have a brand new purple Honda Fit, just the car and color I covet.
Blue is a good color, don't get me wrong- but Purple!!!! We are
staying with K and M tonight. Tomorrow we work. It's not so bad being
back here after all.


Walking through campus to dinner in downtown H-burg. Our favorite
restaurant had a two hour+ wait so we had sammiches at a coffee house
and it was perfect. I helped Aza plan a science lesson, we three
talked to the Squirt on the phone who was camping at the top of a
waterfall in Colorado, then watched a sweet movie. Tomorrow--- Cville.


We found Aza in an Arby's!!!! So good to see my girl.


Lovely day in Blacksburg. I didn't realize how much I liked that town.
Workshop went wonderfully. Dinner at Gillie's.

10-8-09 evening

I said, I sure wish we could find a Panera Bread somewhere out here.
Sure enough we found one and had a relaxing dinner waiting for the
storm to pass. Safe tonight in Blacksburg Virginia.

10-8-09 afternoon

Driving rain in West Virginia headed over the mountains. My iPhone
told me we were going WITH the storm so we looked for a place to stop
and let it get ahead of us.

10-8-09 morning

Walking to school this morning, beautiful and sunny and cool. Worked
till 2 or so then headed home on the bus in the rain. Dan met me on my
walk home from the bus stop with an umbrella. Sweet man.


On my walk home today- men leaving their jobs at the construction site of the new hospital addition. I've been walking 2.6 miles to school or from school with the bus taking care of the other trip. I love it.
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Examine this photo carefully. There is a hidden message! Be the first to correctly decipher the meaning of this photo taken in central Kentucky.
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I bought this chair a month ago or so and the seat was covered in some funky fabric. The chair is English 1890 or so the antique dealer said. I love it- it's so unique and comfortable to sit in. Today I recovered the seat with a chintz that goes well with the couch and accentuates the wood. The chair reminds me of music. Maybe it's a Musical Chair!
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Dan managed to drag me away from my incessant grading to visit our state capital. Here is the Capitol building. Could someone please tell me why capital and capitol are two different words?
We went on a walking tour of town and I saw all these surprise crocuses (Autumn crocuses) in the grass so I lay down and took a cool photo of them.
While we were up on the bluff overlooking the Kentucky River, I took some cool photos of a bird. We had a great time touring Frankfort, Kentucky. What a neat town!
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