Dan and his god-son at first communion in New Jersey. A beautiful day and a fancy church with little girls all in white veils.

Dan and his godson The Duke at his first communion in Chatham, New Jersey.


I look horrible, but this is the sweater I knitted (designed myself) and made the buttons for in my pottery class.

Made the sweater. Made the buttons.


I made this stuff. With this house and these buttons I realized that I have mastered the necessary skills to really enjoy this craft. So, I decided today to enroll for another 10-session course! 
Tonight in pottery class, I found my flow. All time stopped as I worked on collaring vases, trimming mugs, and assembling a lamp. Also, I got this stuff out of the kiln and love how it all turned out.


Birthday celebration today... good food and lots of fun conversation, especially about the smell of the flowers behind the cake. I want to remember that. It was funny.


Today Dan and I walked around Baltimore and came across this Holocaust Memorial. It was appropriate since my grandparents met here in Baltimore, and my mother was born here, and if my grandfather's parents had not left Eastern Europe, I would not be looking at this memorial. Also, I recently found three of my grandfather's first cousins who were killed in the Holocaust. Here are their names so that if anyone Googles them, they can see their pictures here and contact me. The picture has "Libau 17 Januari 1931" written on the back. I think the woman in the picture is Abram's wife, "Sophia Stern Magidson". On the left is "David Magidson" then in the middle "Moses Magidson." They were living in Libau/Liepaja Latvia in 1941 when the Nazis invaded. Their father had several names (Russian, Latvian, Hebrew, etc) " But where was Hirsch?
Hackel Chatzkel Yechezakel (Joshua) Magidson


One of the good things about being in Baltimore is seeing my sister Sta and my niece. Here we are at dinner trying to polish off a Smith Island 8 layer cake. I did my share!


We are in Baltimore for NARST this week. Baltimore has a lot of cultural offerings, and Dan got to experience them all. I attended a lot of sessions, and lead some meetings... and caught up with some friends.


Dan's pottery is really good. I wish he was taking the class with me again. I like going, but it was good having him there too.


The ginkos are doing great! We transplanted them in the fall and they have both leafed out. Grown from seeds from our old Kentucky home.


We set up this garden statue for Mom. She had us to dinner. It was wobbly-


Easter dinner at Mom's and I brought her these flowers in a vase I'd made. See how it matches her other things?