Squirt and Aza and my mother-in-law and Dan are playing dominoes.


This is what my ginkgo trees look like now! They have fall leaves on them!

And this is the Japanese maple outside our house.


We are at Grandma's house in Lake Arthur. Sakura is knitting. We are visiting with our dad, three aunts, uncle, and Grandma and her caretaker. 

I just love the live oaks and Spanish moss here. This is Grandma's yard.

Aunt CaCoo made gumbo. I took a photo because it's awesome and it's Louisiana gumbo, the authentic stuff.


We arrived in Lake Arthur. Grandma is doing better than we expected. She's up and talking with us. Without her glasses on, she didn't recognize Sakura (asked who she was) but she tells old stories and seems pretty aware. Sakura sang to her. It was beautiful to watch Grandma sing along.


Sakura and I went to see our mom's college roommate today. While on the way we learned that our Grandma wasn't doing well and decided to get plane tickets to go see her tomorrow.

This evening we had dinner with her boys and her ex-husband Jebby.


Knit night in LA at Sakura's house. 

My "students" helped create Mr. Bear's attire.


Walking around LA I'm amazed at the flowers in bloom.

We went to see Fossy's school.
I taught him how to finger knit.


Today I figured how to hook up Sakura's new TV set. Buddy and Fossy are watching a show.


I'm in LA with Sakura and her boys. She is reading the a bedtime story. She is so sweet to them.  Such a good mother.


I taught tonight and we discussed 3D printers. I made a knitting needle before class just to see if I remembered how to design and print with it. I did!


Doug's birthday family dinner. I took  photo of him with his nephew. Wish I'd moved that durned water bottle.


Dan and his friend off on their bikes.


My Mac Book died today.


I was sad today. On the walk to the car I ran into Aubie and asked him for hug.


Knitting a sock for a penguins kit.


Strawberry came to visit me in my office today. We took this picture and sent it to Dino, whose birthday is today.


This is the quilt I'm helping the kids at Notasulga make. I went out there today.


Three socks for the kit down, one grant application done too.


Game day, I went to a tailgate at Doug's camper.


Dinner in Opelika at MaFia's to celebrate my raise.


Took two kids from Notasulga tonight to hear Wm K talk at Foy Union. Felt special! 


Wire, a knitted fabric, does not easily make.


Class tonight. 
We played with probes.


Baby Surprise Sweater. 
I finished this today.