This isn't just any old bagel. The fact that it's a Bodo's Bagel isn't even why I'm posting it today, but that in itself makes it post-worthy. Actually, I'm posting a picture of a Bodo's Bagel because I have successfully eaten one every day for nearly a week without a migraine, even though it contains two potential migraine triggers: malted barley wheat and fresh yeast. After 5 months of abstaining from Bodo's, I can once again partake of my favorite local cuisine. Yeah!


Today was a very boring, mundane work day, but the sky was beautiful. It was foggy in the morning, clear all day, and full of colorful clouds in the afternoon.


Just a smidgen of snow left at the base of my crepe myrtle. I miss the snow...


I bought my very first ipod today! I loaded it up with at least a dozen CDs and it's half full. Should make running more enjoyable.


Train tracks over Market Street, and view of the street from up on the tracks. Dan and I went on a nice hike through the woods to get here. Warm, sunny day.


Printing little doo-dads on envelope backs for Kate's wedding invitations.


Ice on Lambeth Pond. This pond is on the walk to my office at UVa. In the spring, you can see a great blue heron hanging out here.


Printing out the little maps of my hometown for Kate's wedding invitations on Mom's birthday.


My shadow in the icy snow. We had an inch of icy stuff fall, and school was cancelled for a couple days.


Printing Kate's response cards. All 250 of them!


Photo Dan took of me today to submit to ASEE because of my award. I tried to look academic in front of my history of science books and collection of science stuff on a shelf. My hair needs some more highlights.


I won! I won! I'm going to Hawaii!


Ice storm on Valentine's Day. Dog ate half pound of chocolate. Migraine all day. Yuck.


Today I painted a cute map of my hometown, and worked on the flowers for Kate's wedding invitation. Stacey and Abe share a birthday today!


Went for a walk along the river... Here's a swan. My cell phone kept ringing the whole walk through. This was the day Jess got a flat tire and called for help, and Squirt got mad at me then called again to apologize.


I bought 75 cent stamps for mailing my next round of postcards through postcrossing.com!


This week I ate tomatoes every day. I felt headachy and ended up with a three-day migraine. No tomatoes for now...


Little cat paw prints in the snow next to my crepe myrtle this lovely morning.


Painting after meditation class- in the flow.


Comparing my ASTE paper to similar ones in the JARST journal. I will be published in this journal someday soon.


Second draft- Kate's wedding invitations


Creamy butternut squash soup. First recipe for my new cookbook for people with migraines.


The lamp post that my friend backed into with his car-- now straightened up by Ron the lamppost man.


Fridge- photos of three little girls in first communion dresses and their mommies, then all growed up at their high school graduation party.