Squirt and Kels before the Homecoming Dance.
Got to the florists two minutes before closing
Got the last descent corsage
Picked out a tie for him at Belk with "black and blue" as my only clue
Washed and ironed his pants, his shirt
Packed his duffle bag for his overnight stay
Drove him to a friend's for meeting up---
Still a child, he is, in a tie with a pretty girlfriend.


My students presented their penguin houses and had the melt-off today. It was fun and a little chaotic.


I drove by V School today, the school that I started in 1995 and taught at until 2004. It looks different with the trees gone and I still miss being part of that community.


My students are getting ready for their penguin house competition tomorrow.


Today Dan and I went to the Garlic Festival. It was crowded but the weather was nice. We sat and listened to this Scotch-Irish band that was really good and we bought some German Red garlic.


My students are building little houses for the ice penguins to keep them from melting. I am teaching them heat transfer. Professor Goodling, you would be proud at what I can do with 6th graders.


Playing with the light. Shadows of me and Frisbee. The setting sun coming in and lighting up James (our piece of furniture that has a name.


I watered this thing last week and set it up to grow under my grow light, and Monday morning it had grass hair! The class thinks it's the coolest thing. It's our class pet. They all want to give it a haircut now.


Aza came home. Mittens is happy. See Mittens rubbing up against Aza as she reads? Her big sister is home and we are all happy.

P.S. Upon a closer look at this photo, I see that Mittens is actually licking the salt from inside the empty popcorn bowl. Oh well, it looked like she was adoring her big sister.

P.P.S. Upon yet another closer look, I see that Aza is not reading at all. She's trying to solve the Rubik's Cube!!!


I ordered these penguin ice cube trays for my students' Save the Penguins design project. I took this photo because of the phenomena where the ice forms a sharp peak sometimes as it freezes. The pressure of the molecules forming into their hexagonal crystal structure pushes the last bit to freeze upwards. Cool, hu?


Squirt can solve a Rubiks Cube in 1 minute 30 seconds.
He's a genius.


This is Mittens jumping down from my desk into my lap. She likes it in my lap. Does she like the warmth? Or me?


This morning I put all the clay tiles in a container to take to school. The tiles will be used for a construction project. It took me forever to cut up and bake all those tiles. I do too much for teaching-- really.

This evening Dan and I watched another two episodes of Gray's while the animals curled up on the couch with us. This was my view. Not a great photo and all... It was better in real life, seeing Mittens and Frisbee curled up with us. Nice. Now to get the dog from peeing on the kitchen floor and the cat from waking us up at 6am with a shreik of a meow that would raise the dead. Come home Aza, Mittens needs a head to sleep on.