Getting ready for Trick or Treat!
Q: Who are you?
A: I'm wearing Aza's dress!
Q: No, really, who are you?
A: I'm wishing she left some red lipstick too!
Q: Seriously, WHO are you???
A: I must be dead because I wouldn't be caught dead in a get up like this!
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Today the migraine broke mid-afternoon and I felt well enough to do some dishes, laundry, work on the dissertation, and even baking! I baked spiced blondies. We watched Gray's Anatomy this evening and it turned out to be a great day!
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A beautiful fall day. I stayed inside until an after dinner stroll. Took two naps. Did all I could to keep the migraine at bay.
As for this photo: 'nuff said.
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This is how big Sophie is now!

We had Sophie for the weekend. It was hard to get a photo of the three animals so Aza had to hold Sophie. It was fun watching her attack Frisbee and Mittens all weekend! The white spot on Dan's chest is either a dust particle or a ghostly orb.


Today I worked in the yard. I raked the back yard and pruned some bushes and it exhausted me. Dan mowed the front lawn and did some patching of wood around windows, preparing to paint the window trim.

The fall colors are really pretty. Not all the trees have turned, but it's starting. The oaks are always the last to turn.

Looking up our newly blackened driveway...
I've been working on data all weekend and I'm SO sick of it! I applied to one more school and have been working on a paper to submit to a journal. Lots going on.
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The Three Ds, otherwise knows as Bosnian Kaos. They're over here every weekend and last night was no different. Oh, except for the miracle that is Squirt's laundry. He decided that after two months it was time to do some and he even folded it nicely! Now to see if it ever gets put away...


So this is where all my shoes are! Under my desk... where I spend a lot of time kicking my shoes off and re...relax...um...working.
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Dan has been meticulously painting the front porch. We've lived here ten years and it needed it. He even replaced some wood. It's beautiful. Sell, baby, sell!
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My best friend growing up was Lizanne, my neighbor on Hampstead Avenue. While her haircut has not changed much, at least I have some now! For 45 years we have stayed close- through thick and thin- although we haven't lived in the same town since 1966. We each married in 1985, each had three children, and named our first-borns after each other even though each one of us forgot the pact we'd made when we were teens to do just that. I remember we were always comparing our height back to back when we were growing up. We got together for the afternoon today to watch her middle child's soccer game. It's wonderful to still have her in my life!
I'm still taller :)


A few weeks ago I got a call from Kroger that I had won a sweepstakes. I got two tickets to the UVA-UNC game, three tickets to some tailgate thing, and the chance to "Grab a Grand" on the field before the game, catching punts. Since I'm a student, I didn't need a ticket for the game so I took Squirt and Dan. Squirt was appointed as the official punt-catcher.
He got three chances, and caught two punts- winning us $750 in Kroger gift cards! All that practice all week with his dad down at the field paid off.
We got to hang out on the side of the field when the football team came rushing in, when the band marched in, and when CavMan came galloping in on his horse. It was really exciting.
Our seats were up high so we got to see really well. The game was boring (to me) until the end when there was only 2 minutes left and UNC was winning and I thought we should just leave. Suddenly, UVA got a touchdown and it became a tie. Then it went into overtime and it got more interesting. First UNC got three points and I was sure we would still lose, but then we got another touchdown and the game ended up being 16-13. Pretty cool. And I didn't get a migraine!
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Aza dropped by this evening for dinner. While home she changed the oil in her car. Takes after her mama that way! We had a strange day and it was nice to end it spending some time with 2/3 of our children.
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These flowers were in my garden out front and when I had to dig up the garden, I moved them into pots on the back porch where they have thrived. So much color! Fall is supposed to be here, but the trees aren't changing colors yet. The weather is perfect.


Freecycle is the best thing. Dan said, "What are we going to do with all this straw we raked up out of the grass?" and I said, "I'll Freecycle it!" The next day, a nice man showed up with a special bucket and twine and made a bazzilion straw bales and loaded them all up in his station wagon in two trips and left the end of our driveway spic 'n span. Freecycle.org is the greatest!
We worked on painting the front porch some more today, and a balloon flew over the house just as we were finishing up for the day.

I'm busy coding my qualitative dissertation data. Dan brought me some half-n-half today so I could enjoy my decaf dark roast. The two day migraine ended this morning with a second dose of Maxalt.


I said I'd take a picture. Here's how green our grass is now.I had a migraine today (still do) and spent half the day in bed. I think it was caused by some pizza we ordered last night from a new place in town. My guess is they put romano or parmesan cheese in there. Or MSG. It tasted great. No leftovers for me. I managed to help Dan rake the straw out of the grass today for a little while, and worked on my data analysis some. Look closely, you can see Dan there painting the front porch.


where am i?
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Just found this picture of my nephew Beck. He's grown so much since I visited him when he was a week old! He's 4 months old today!


Sorry I've been AWOL lately. I promise to start taking pictures again soon. I'm still here.