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Yesterday was all about going to Montgomery to a neurologist who put me on more medicine and told me, "My mother always said, 'shut up and do what I tell you' and that's what I'm telling you." I didn't like his bedside manner, but hope the meds help.

Dan bought the stuff to put my birdhouse on a pole in the garden at the border with the woods. He pounded the pole into the ground today and we mounted the house. I hope some bluebirds find it.
Ran around this morning, and went to an art talk with my mom at a gallery nearby. Talked with a friend about making jewelry. It was a good day.


This is really getting fun.
I'm a potter now.


Pottery tonight. Worked on my lamp and glazed the birdhouse, butter dish, and baking dish.


I made this stuff. With this house and these buttons I realized that I have mastered the necessary skills to really enjoy this craft. So, I decided today to enroll for another 10-session course! 
Tonight in pottery class, I found my flow. All time stopped as I worked on collaring vases, trimming mugs, and assembling a lamp. Also, I got this stuff out of the kiln and love how it all turned out.


Dan's pottery is really good. I wish he was taking the class with me again. I like going, but it was good having him there too.