I finished this little outfit today so that my friend, drunken waffle, can use it in a photo shoot she has coming up. I'm looking forward to the time when I can make little things like this for my grandchildren.

 Dan came home today. Then my mother came over with a cake that she  made during a cooking class she taught.  I got to watch all my favorite TV shows again with  Dan  since he missed them week.


Drunken Waffle and I  went on a road trip to Camp Hill, Alabama  where we saw some Tibetan monks making a sand mandala on the floor of an old Unitarian church. We also drove around and looked at decaying small towns.


 Tonight a friend of mine from work came over to learn how to knit. She was a very good student, and after three hours I had her doing all the basic stitches. It was really fun to get to know someone new out of the work setting.


 I making this hat for my friend to use in a photo shoot,  and I tried to figure out how to put pink fluff in the ears. This was not the best way to do it.  I taught class tonight, and when I came home and had a terrible headache and really needed my evening dose of medicine. It was difficult to get through the day. I didn't even go into work until  it was time to teach, and I couldn't find a place to park because there was a basketball game and a baseball game going on.  One of my students had to take my car out of a loading zone and move it for me.


 My friend Doug made these for me. He dropped them off today in a box. They are so cute! I would like to have one for every window in the house.


 Today is my mother's 81st birthday. She had a party for herself with another friend whose birthday is the same day. The food was really good, the cake was exceptional, and I enjoyed catching up with some of her friends who are now my friends too.


 Dan is out of town, and I am tapering, so therefore I'm doing a lot of knitting.


  I hosted another knit night tonight, and even lit a fire in the fireplace. This is my friend, drunken waffle, figuring out how to cast on.  I taught a student from Saudi Arabia to crochet.


 Class Tonight
We did the Mystery Tube activity.


 Valentine's Day
Dan I Went To Country's Barbecue  For a Down-Home Dinner.


 Squirt Gives a Speech.
Strawberry Jell-O Knits.
 Nana and Gwenie  Watch and Listen.


Dan finally got the purchase order from Texas and shipped three pallets of my kits. What an order! 


 This Is Not a Hat.
It Is a Hyperbolic Space.


 Class Tonight.
Took This Video Of My Students Working on the Little Circuit


 Square Is Making Beer Again, And It Is Taking up the Fridge.


After a week of tapering, Dan and I drove up to the lake and went on a 3 mile hike. It was so beautiful.


Class tonight- roller coaster physics and the 5E Learning Cycle. I loved it.


Sock #1 done!