Worked late. Beautiful sky after a long day.


Went to have my shoulder worked on today. 1.5 hours of intense stuff helped my range of motion and it feels somewhat better.


Waiting on the bus...

View from the back of the bus...

Rained today. Worked hard. Saw a miracle today- more about that later.

October 5th update: OK I just got permission to post something about the miracle I saw. It was awesome!

Little Peanut was 9 weeks old in this movie, but is now 10 weeks old (as of October 5th)!
No, no, I'm not pregnant. But my friend Mags is!!!



My view from the chair in the sunroom where I sat all day long grading papers. Went to church today and attended a potluck afterwards. I still don't really feel like I fit in. But the people are all very nice, I just still feel like I'm crashing someone else's party.




Lookie what was in those 5 boxes? A very old set of dishes from Italy. Hand painted. Beautiful! Thanks, Mom! We Freecycled the 10 boxes (double boxed), bubble wrap, peanuts, and wrapping paper by 9pm this evening. Now, WHERE TO PUT IT ALL??????






We went bowling tonight (except I didn't bowl due to my bad shoulder)! It was a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. Aza won a doorprize- a Habitat t-shirt. We went with Miss March and her husband. Dan was awesome- true Milwaukee bowling genes. Oh, it rained today! I took a photo of it because we needed rain so badly. And Aza made cookies. Mmmm....



So we got a big shipment today. Wonder what it is? Five huge boxes from my Mom. Today was my long day- at school from 9am until 7:30pm. Thursdays are exhausting. When I got home all I could think about was ice cream and watching Gray's Anatomy.



Gave a workshop for teachers this afternoon- went well. My shoulder is killing me. It hurts so badly and I don't know what to do. Hope I can sleep tonight. Just took a couple Alleve and have been living with ice on it all night. Cramps my style big time.



Jupiter and its four biggest moons, first discovered by human eyes in 1610 by Galieo Galilei now visible through my telephoto lens.





Random pictures of the day...



Me and my Mommy






Happy Birthday to Meeeee!


Lying in bed with a rebound headache from the migraine yesterday and the 13 hour day today.




Awesome pre-birthday day! Aza and I went to pick out my birthday present from Dan- a new iPhone 4 at the Apple Store, and these are my first pictures with it. Also Aza treated me to a pedicure and the two of us had a lovely sudsy time at Allure Spa. Wow, it felt so nice to NOT work for a few hours.
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Aza was at it again today. She surprised me with another room painted! Isn't it lovely? She spent all day at it. Quite the pro.

Today also came with another surprise. I got an article accepted (with revisions) to the International Journal of Science Education. Now to work on those revisions.




So today I taught in the morning then Miss March and I had to go give a presentation for about 50 school superindendents in the state. It went really well and we were a great team. The supers were really nice and not as intimidating as I thought they'd be. They had really good ideas and it's the first thing that makes me thing this P20 Lab thing is really something, not just a pipe dream.

Squirt REALLY needed his passport photo done so he can get his passport before our trip to Costa Rica. Yes, we are going to Costa Rica. Here's his picture. I think that if I don't get tenure I'll become a passport photographer.



Dan hung more pictures today- and the upstairs looks pretty much done. Of course, we could always use more original artwork! Today I worked some, but it was a pretty laid back day. Nice to have a holiday this time of year.



Today Dan hung pictures in our room. It looks so much nicer now- but it sure took a while to figure out which pictures and where. One is going to get a new painting in it, but I like the frame.



Finally, you say- a post about something other than worms. But potatoes? Is that a potato? No...... it's not. And I ate it. And it was good. And I want another one. It tasted like ice cream. Any guesses?

I'm still sick. Had a headache all day, felt tired and coughed up lots of things. No fever so not to worry. I hope to be over this thing by Monday.




Don't you love these photos?! No wonder I used to go by the name, Professor Wormwood. I love worms. Since I couldn't find any in my compost bin, my colleague had to buy some from Wal Mart for us to use in our classes today. In my first class, students created little worm habitats. They planted seeds and made a cozy environment for their wormy friends. In my second class, students created their own worm experiments. Do worms prefer light paper to dark paper? Do worms prefer to crawl under dirt or under a leaf? Can I see worm bristles under the microscope? Afterwards, my students decided to start a worm compost bin in the classroom with the left-over wormies. It was a fun, long, tiring, successful day. I'm still sick though.
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Five months later, the SunChips bag is finally starting to break down- into chunks, not necessarily microscopic pieces. I found the bag today because I was digging for worms. When I was a little kid, if I didn't eat my dinner my dad would send me outside to "dig for worms" in his words. But today I was digging for them by my own choice so that I could do a worm activity with my students. I want them to build worm habitats tomorrow in class. However, after digging and digging (with my bare hands) into the warm damp compost, all I found were grubs, nematodes, and lots of mosquitoes biting my arms and face. I still feel really sick and it's hard to prep for a class feeling like this.
Did I mention that I really like Sun Chips?