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I bought the supplies for a Magnolia Wreath and started making it.
It looks nice!
We went to Mom's for dinner and had Shepherds' Pie and these goodies for dessert. The best.


Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, my dad, and my sisters Sta and Sakura, with Dan and Squirt, and Gwennie, and Kels and Brick.
Dessert was yummmmmmmmmmmmmm......


Frisbee is in hospice care at home. He looks ok in this photo, but he is not OK.

Mom had us over for dinner and dessert. This was an amazing concoction. 


With the extra sock yarn, I am making some baby socks. 
Not that I have a baby... but maybe someday I can be a professional knitter and a grandmother.

Mom had us over for dinner and we got to sample two different pies and homemade ice cream. The ice cream was flavored with cinnamon and rum. OMG!!!


 Dan and I cooked dinner for everyone tonight. Quiches, corn salad, asparagus salad, and berries with fudge sauce over ice cream for dessert.

I did not play volleyball. This is a posed photo.

Aza and Jes and The Bachelor went canoeing and brought back these water lilies.

Playing in the back yard at Grandma's after dinner....


Pizza Shmizza with Squirt and Dan.


Dinner with my department chair and colleagues in Savannah. We tried all the desserts.




Dinner at Live Oaks was pretty good. Hamburger with lots of stuff on top and really good fries. We were celebrating the Texas order tonight.

My Gingko is doing well!


Out of mud comes... Food



Crab gumbo. Literally. 


 Today is my mother's 81st birthday. She had a party for herself with another friend whose birthday is the same day. The food was really good, the cake was exceptional, and I enjoyed catching up with some of her friends who are now my friends too.


This is a salad my mom made with tortilla chips, avocado, and an avocado dressing. We had a really good meatloaf wrapped in bacon, southern green beans and this awesome salad.