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This was my evening... teaching and working on the mural we are creating...

This was my morning and my day-- in the ER with my mom who suffered a TIA. She is fine now... fully recovered, but it was a wake up call to slow down and take care of herself better.


 My dad is in town visiting. Today we went to lunch/brunch at Amsterdam Cafe. Later, Dad and I went for a walk to see the construction at the corner. Dad leaves tomorrow. It was nice having him around. I wish he would move here.

Happy birthday to many of my friends today. Seems great people were born on this day, especially my life long friend.


Our house on Kiawah Island.

Sunset over the bay.

Me, mom, Sta, and KK


 Today is my mother's 81st birthday. She had a party for herself with another friend whose birthday is the same day. The food was really good, the cake was exceptional, and I enjoyed catching up with some of her friends who are now my friends too.