First day of spring. My pretty tree out front is blooming. I love that tree. Dan wants to cut it down, but the nice landscape guy said we should just prune it back some. I had a good day. The IRB approved of my research and called it "exempt" which helps. Plus, my bracelet is going to get fixed for free. It was a good first day of spring. AND my Jeffersonia Dyphalia is blooming again.


Yeah! A clean, freshly painted and organized kitchen pantry! At least something is under my control. It rained on my shelves outside, but I rescued them. I got mad at Squirt tonight because I had to go pick him up in the dark in the rain. I don't see well at night in the rain.


OK, so my dissertation is really getting to me again. This time I tackled the kitchen pantry. It's disgusting. I took out all the food and cleaned the shelves. Then I sent Dan to the store to get paint.


All the kids were over tonight- what a treat! Also, the closet is all filled up with coats again.


Today I was really bugged about my dissertation and got really sad. I haven't been sleeping well and have been really anxious. I had a bad dream last night and had a hard day. Dan brought me flowers. This is our pretty living room.


Here are photos of the closet after I painted it with the same paint from Dan's office. Sunny closet!


Here is a photo of a contrail over my neighbor's house.


And here is an after picture. Nice sunny color. See this link here for a picture from last year.


I'm getting really bogged down with my dissertation so this afternoon I decided to paint the hall closet. Here are the before pictures.


Aza and I painted Dan's office over spring break. Here is a before picture.


I'm feeling the weight of my dissertation hanging over me. Jes took this picture.


Dan is getting ready for his backpacking trip. He ordered this little tripod for a camera. It's all bendy. I set it on a basket and took a self portrait of it.


First day of March. Dan and I went for a hike on the trail around town and I saw blooming crocuses! Then we went to eat dinner at my favorite place, Sticks, and I saw the criss cross of contrails out the window of the restaurant.


I am currently buried underneath the weight of a dissertation proposal that is marching to a tight timeline. Every once in a while, I take a photo and intend to upload it here, but for the time being, consider my daily photo blogging on sabbatical. Hope to be back in business soon.