On our way out into the countryside for a wedding of Dan's cousin.

 Dan gives me a funny look outside the reception hall. Hmmmm.... photos again?!

 The beautiful bride arrives to the reception in style!

A gathering of the clan outside the reception hall. Sisters-in-Law on the left, Brothers-in-Law on the right.


Where in the world is Chrissy?

Landed in Wisconsin today. First stop, Kopps!
 Second stop, Lake Muskego... for a little water skiing.



Aza came home today! It took her over 12 hours to get here because of an accident on I-64. We had a nice steak dinner and a relaxing evening catching up. So good to have her home.


The naked ladies, errr "lilies" are back!


Dan and Frisbee left today for Wisconsin. He will spend a week with his family doing all those fun outdoorsy things he likes to do. I'll join him this coming weekend for a cousin's wedding. Meanwhile, I'm participating in a teacher workshop all week long.


This is the bird who crashed into my office window today. Glad it survived.

I worked all day on making these blinds for the windows in the den. The light is SO bright coming in later afternoon.






I finally got my solar car curriculum done. Here are pictures I took for it. What a lot of work! Now... to put it to good use and get some research out of it.


Today we had to get up around 4:30am because Dan had to drive Squirt to the airport at 5am for his flight west. He landed in Wyoming this afternoon, safe and sound, and he and Jes will spend the month backpacking. This is the only photo I could get of my son as he was rushing out the door today.


Last night Squirt came home around 11pm for what will be a 30 hour stay before his journey west. It's good to have him here, even for a short while.
The side yard next to the driveway is pretty with all the black eyed susans.
Oh, Squirt. Falling asleep on the couch. Rest up, you'll have a busy day of traveling tomorrow.


Three and a half months in the compost bin... that's about 14 weeks and if I washed it, I could probably put more chips back in.
Today I worked on my syllabus for fall, my Save the Sea Birds curriculum, and made eggplant hummus and coleslaw. That's about it. I'll be going for a run later on when it cools off.



Sunday. Went to church- walking a mile each way in the heat and heels. Worked in the afternoon on a literature review on children's alternative conceptions of energy, force, and motion. Late in the afternoon I went for a run so that I could justify dessert as we planned to meet a couple for dinner at Bella Notte. And I love their chocolate souffle. So I ran about 3/4 mile without stopping in the mid-afternoon heat then came home and lay on the floor with my head on the AC vent. The top photo was of my view lying there. The bottom photo is of the P. Buckley Moss print my mom gave my sister who gave it to me. Dan hung it today and I love it there. The AC vent is right underneath it.


Thursday... I am in the middle of a painting project. The foyer, the stairs, and the upstairs hallway. I hate getting on the ladder on the stairs so Dan helped me paint the tough places. It's going to look good.


Wednesday. I summon the energy to start a painting project. Washing walls, taping, sanding and patching rough areas, re-plastering others... Who would think a non-room would be so much work.



I am at my sister's this weekend helping her move it. I helped her paint a bed, figure out where to put things, where to hang pictures, and after just two days it's looking great. She painted walls and did a great job. I'm glad she's only 3 hours away now and I can visit her like this.


Today I ran. Today I started running. Today I have become a runner again.
This is my bathroom floor. I love it and I hate it. It's old and dirty but for me, it has a sort of charm. I wish it would be clean and shiny and re-grouted and new looking again but I think I have to learn to live with it and accept it for what it is. And no, I'm not talking about my floor anymore. Which is one reason I'm a runner again. Confused? That's ok.



My Nana's buffet hurricane lamps. In all my years I'd never seen them lit because someone sometime cut the wires. Dan re-wired them today and put little thumb switches on the wires. I cleaned them and attached loose crystals. Beautiful. My Nana would be proud. It's good to have them in their rightful place again after all these years.



This evening we went to a reception at the Faculty Club for the artist Andre Pater. The president of the university and his wife were there, and we got to talk to them plus meet some other people. After the reception we had a private tour of the artist's exhibition at the art museum and he told great stories about his work. I snuck a photo of these two rooster pictures because of my "thing" for chickens.
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The mystery flower is a Tiger Lily- not too exciting- but very unusual looking. I thought it was a Turk's Cap but the leaves are not the same as those on a Turk's Cap. First fig harvested! We have a tree just FULL of unripe figs. Should be a great fig fall.




Clematis blooming in the back yard, climbing up the grape arbor... and the mystery plant is fixin to bloom!


Happy 24th birthday Jes! I know you're in the far reaches of Montana right now without means of communication but maybe you'll "get the message" and know we are thinking about you.

Today Dan unpacked my Nana's dishes that my mom had saved for me. Pretty far out! 1950s Franciscan Starburst pattern.


Headed home to the hills of Kentucky. Difficult tears shed this morning saying goodbye.


Party day for Buddy! House full of family. My camera battery needs recharging so I didn't take enough pictures. Sta left this morning with G and Kel to go get S in Oklahoma. My bro in law lost the keys to his rental car and it was quite traumatic arranging a solution with Alamo. Food was great at the party- must get recipes. Especially corn and avocado salad with lime. Mmm! I'm gonna miss my two little nephews when they leave tomorrow :(


And today the wall was finished. Quick! Today I went to the park with my sister Sakura and her two little boys. Took lots of great pictures today which I will add later. It was a family day. Tomorrow is Buddy's birthday party and the house will be full.
 Mom doing some gardening.
 Buddy cooling off after playing in Nana's van with his cousin G
 Fozzie Bear is learning how to sit up in Nana's back yard!
 Cute Fozzie Bear!


My nephew Buddy arrived today and he is such a sweet boy. Here he is vacuuming his Nana's lawn. Such a good helper.

Coming home to Mama's house is like living in a restaurant and I have come to accept that over the years. But this newest thing is putting me over the top- sidewalk and retaining wall construction out front. Construction workers in and out the house. Phone calls off the hook. Busy kitchen. Headache.