This is a painting my mom gave me three years ago, I think. It is an original by a well known artist from her area of Alabama. She gave one to each of her daughters and they are each different. This one has mysterious symbols. The number three, two wine glasses (white and red), a Q coming from the neck, and scribbles on the forehead. Now that I've been having chiropractic treatments to my neck to try and address the pain I have in my forehead, the symbolism becomes very clear. So do the wine glasses, for wine is a major headache trigger.


Today Jes came over with her roommate, a tripod, a black sheet, a big lamp thing, and borrowed my camera to take photos for her roommate's application to music grad school. She took like a hundred photos. This is one that obscures her roommate's identity a bit. They were all fantastic photos. Now she wants a camera like mine to go with all her other equipment.


Breakfast of French Toast at the Tavern, then a walk around the cool old neighborhoods nearby.


Today Kathy came over to see my purple office and we had a cup of tea together and talked with Jes, who snapped this photo.


Today I hung and framed pictures for my purple office. Almost everything is organized save for one medium-sized pile on the floor in the corner which I will tackle tomorrow.


In preparation for this weekend's sleepover (Jes and her friends)I am organizing all the detritus I dragged out of my office when the girls painted it for me. I took a huge long pile of journals, notebooks, binders, and crud on the den counter and organized the good stuff into nicely labeled binders in my office. Next: the junk in the foyer.


Today I found out that there is an article about me published in the University's research newsletter that comes out three times a year. I was interviewed back in the fall, and photographed in my classroom in November. This is very cool. Every faculty member gets a copy of this publication.


National Association for Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Or something like that. I had my first treatement today by Dr. Mike. It felt like nothing and seems like hooey. But I'm going to give it a try and see if it helps with my head pain.


Aza came home and we spent the weekend eating well. Breakfast this morning was stuffed French toast with hot maple syrup, smoked chicken and apple sausages, and pineapple with blueberries. Yum! Her headlight was out so I had a bit of anxiety when she left this evening. But she called me when she made it home safely in her "new" car.


Saturday night. Just like old times with the two Ds over to jam in the basement with Squirt. Aza was home tonight and I made a nice dinner with Jes and her roommate, and even the two Ds came up for ice cream cake.


Today is Aza's 20th birthday. It was also Ian's dissertation proposal defense and he passed with flying colors. Here is a photo of my neighbor's colorful flying flag to remember this day. I took the photo out my office window with my zoom lens.


It snowed! Yeah! We got three inches in three hours. The school situation was a mess because the kids had school but it was snowing and then they could leave if they wanted to... a mess. Squirt rode the bus home because I wouldn't go get him in the snow. I finished my paper today and sent it in.


This is the decaf coffee I love so much. Mmmmmm! When I run out of half & half I'm sad because I miss my warm creamy water-processed decaf. Today I spent all day working on the paper that's due Friday for the conference this summer.


Today I got up early, went to the dentist to get a cracked tooth fixed, then spent 7.5 hours at school cleaning out my classroom and loading up my car to the brim with stuff. I wrote a farewell note to my students who would use the room for two more days this week before switching over to social studies. I will miss them.


Last day of the conference. I attended some really good sessions and a workshop in the afternoon. Around 4:30 we went for a walk to see the St. Louis Arch. It was getting dark, but I still could take photos somewhat. Here I am holding onto one of the arch bases.


Photo of one of the rooms at the hotel. A very very nice hotel!!!


Me and Igor at the conference.


Today was my last day teaching. I left school at 2:20pm, dashed home, Dan drove me to the airport, I flew to Detroit where this creepy photo of an underground airport tunnel was taken, then flew to St. Louis and took the train into the city. Met Igor and the science ed crew in the hotel lounge around 8pm. Our hotel is very very nice. We give our paper on Friday.


This is my last day of work. Tomorrow is my last day, actually. These are two pictures taken from the school when I work. One is of Red Hill and the other is of Red Dirt.


Today Ian came over and we worked on our ASTE paper and presentation for the afternoon. Dan and Aza were in Richmond looking for a car to replace the Bonneville and they found one. Aza was very very very happy! We had dinner at Jes's place this evening- she made an awesome pasta dish.


Here's the photo collage I created.


I've been working on our New Year's letter and photo. Trying to find the perfect arrangement of photos of the family from 2007.


New Year's Day. Dan and I went for a walk on the Monticello trail and took photos with his new camera.