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Woke up-- no migraine-- and we drove to Richmond in time to have lunch with my BFF and her husband. 
53 years of friendship looks like this!

Then we snagged Aza and headed for the river. 
Ah, the quiet-- and the birds and the water--- and it felt good.

Dan and I looking off into the sunset.
(This was staged....)


Today we moved Aza into her new apartment in the city in which I was born. Here I am with my BFF, fixing to have dinner at a Cuban restaurant in the city.

We unloaded the U-Haul in a short time.

I cleaned... we put stuff down... and it was hot. No AC.
It's an adorable apartment.


We left Cville today and visited with my life long friend, who, I discovered, is more of a knitaholic than I am. I loved seeing her stash and her many many lovely pieces. We have known each other for over 50 years. 

This afternoon we headed east towards the bay and the ancestral home of my mother's mother's mother. We are spending the night here, in Aunt Lillie's House, on the water. Many childhood memories here on this land. Her grandson, my third cousin, re-built the house a decade ago.

This is the island where my roots are, and where my Nana and Papa are buried. We visited their graves and I cried. I haven't felt their embrace for over 25 years but I can close my eyes and smell Nana's face cream and feel her soft skin, and hear my Papa clunk clunk walking around the corner, tinkling the crystals on the hurricane lamps on the buffet. I can feel his crew cut hair and hear his soothing voice. 

Knitting on the porch looking out over the water at Lillie's.


Taking a lunch break from cleaning the house top to bottom with my lifelong friend LP. She drove all the way from Richmond to say "farewell." We had lunch at my favorite pizza place on the downtown mall. You could say that "LP" stands for "Long Playing." This friend has been with me for the long haul. See post 10-19-08

Empty clean kitchen...

Empty clean Jes bedroom...

Empty dining room...

Bye bye birdies.... fly well... and come home to visit!

Closing the door for the last time.