My brother Wm and I walked 10 miles today around DC in the snow. Snow on the ground, not in the air. I had on my little black boots and surprisingly didn't get any blisters. We had lunch at an organic salad place and a coffee at Starbucks. Then I left for the airport and had a harrowing time getting home. Subway... airport... flying... ATL airport... driving back to Auburn.


I had dinner tonight in DC with my dad, J, and baby sister. We ate at a Mexican place. It gave me a wicked headache, unfortunately. Here is a photo of the streets of DC before we had dinner and I was just walking around. I took the Metro to this part of town, and back again.


I have a couple meetings in DC and flew up today. When we got to the snowy parts, it was amazing to look down and see the bare trees and snowy areas. After I landed, I took the Metro to the area where my hotel was, and checked in. Went to an organic salad place for dinner and just settled in for the night.


My knitting club (called STEAM Studio) is going well. You can see one student made progress after only one week! 


This is what I did all weekend. Linen curtains. They didn't turn out perfectly and I don't know what to do to make them hang straighter.


Working on a new knitting project, drinking hot chocolate. 
Today we finished up interviews for the SER position I'm on the search committee for.


I love this purple Malabrigo yarn.


Just had to post this of Jes and Aza. They are my superheroes.


Winter flowers in my houseplant Sta gave me when I turned 50.


Sewing on Aza's birthday today.


Dan and I want to JoAnn Fabrics in Columbus today so I could buy some linen for some curtains. Afterwards, we went on a walk by the river. I made some friends at the fabric store!


We got a newish car just like our oldish one. Same make and model, same color, just a few years newer and automatic instead of manual. Squirt keeps the stick shift one.


Keeping on keeping on. Maybe eventually I will shed some pounds. I've walked over 10,000 steps every day this year.


Another life lost.

My sweet student on the Bay in 2003.

Please, people, do not suicide. Talk to someone who loves you. Your pain is our pain too.


Still beautiful.

Today was the first day of class this semester. What a good semester it appears to be. Only one class and one intern. One afterschool program. One search committee. Not bad compared with last semester.


A week ago we had a friend to dinner and he brought these roses. How can they still be beautiful 9 days later?


Look at this stash of new yarn headed to an afterschool program I'm starting tomorrow!


Walked this afternoon with Dan in this wooded part of town. Walked to CVS and back tonight. Seven days in a row of 10,000+ steps.


Finished my new cowl/scarf today. What else? Worked all day on my annual review materials.


I have met my goal 5 days in a row. Tonight walked to Magnolia and back at 10pm to do it...


My photo today is black.

Today I learned that two different former next-door-neighbors lost their lives to depression. Depression is a fatal illness, even when treated.  And treatment is life-long.

Each was a beautiful soul.

Take depression seriously. It hurts more than any other disease.
It. Physically. Hurts.
If you or someone you know is even thinking that the pain is too much to bear, call or text a suicide hotline. Reach out.

  • 1-800-273-TALK
  • Crisis text line: 741741
  • 1-800-442-HOPE
  • 1-800-SUICIDE


I did this today. Mixed the paint, taped, painted, and cleaned up. It had been on my to-do list for a year and it feels really good to get it done. It's the same color as our hall bathroom in Kentucky and I mixed it myself from old paints we had on hand- based on the sample you see perched on the empty paper towel holder. 


New Year in bloom.
We had dinner at Mom's... Seafood Mournay, after hanging out all day with Sakura and Fossy and Aza and Squirt.