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New Year's Eve! We ended the year at my mom's house with a party of about 30 people for dinner. Here we have Fossy, Aza, Squirt, and Strawberry Shortcake. The main dish was pork tenderloin with cherries, and the side dishes were various roasted vegetables, salads, etc. Dessert was creme brûlée with a dark chocolate dipped macaroon.


The kids on Christmas day at Nana's house.


My new hobby- carving and printing.
We fixed Squirt's guitar today. 
Aza is making a hat...


Squirt's new pad. Send curtains and artwork!


Squirt's apartment- almost clean and almost ready for him to move in.

Sweet Frisbee....


Squirt is moving out. This is the bed that our friends gave him-- brought home on top of the car. He is accumulating things this week and cleaning the apartment.


Squirt is drying laundry this way because our dryer is busted. Dan ordered a new motor but it hasn't arrived. There is a fan blowing on the laundry. Ingenious!


Squirt got crafty with his cables.


 Squirt Gives a Speech.
Strawberry Jell-O Knits.
 Nana and Gwenie  Watch and Listen.