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Look at this stash of new yarn headed to an afterschool program I'm starting tomorrow!


I bought this for $2.17 to unravel it and make yarn.
Wool, cashmere, and angora.
I got 400+ grams of yarn.


 Working on another sweater.
This is Mr. Kitten below... Strawberry Shortcake's new baby.

Not in the mood to blog lately.


More yarn eye-candy.
I'm thinking this is pretty addicting.


I made this. Double ply yarn. Look how awesome it is!


This is what I spun. I used food coloring on the raw wool roving to make two different color ways. Next, I plan to ply them together.


I'm spinning.
First I crocheted, then knitted, and now the yarn thing has graduated to spinning.


My student Alex is at my old LYS in Lexington and is getting me a skein of blue Madeline Tosh sock yarn. :)



August. I can't believe it's here and the summer is almost over. Today I worked on school stuff, but also crocheted and watched TV with Aza in the evening. I got a whole bunch of home spun wool from Baza's mother who got it from a man who dyes the wool with natural barks and flowers. I balled it up today and crocheted a headband.