Happy Birthday Dan! Today we worked around the house then went to buy a new DVD player because our last one bit the dust. It was my present to Dan- and we rented a movie. A French film, very interesting. It was about a man who was a sucker for needy women. Anyway, that came after dinner. Dinner was Dan's choice and he chose Asian. Squirt came along and I asked for my meal withOUT any MSG. The waitress assured me that mine would be sans MSG. By 11pm my head was hurting.
This framed crosstitch is the gift Aza gave her dad. It's a crosstitch! Isn't it amazing? Look at Frisbee's little tail end sticking up!


hokeybutt said...


Julie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Dan!!!

Where did Aza get the crosstitching done?


Chrissy said...

She got some software that turns a photo into a cross stitch pattern. She did it herself!

Julie said...

Back in 2001, Nick and his siblings were given a square piece of material where they had to put something about their family. Those pieces of material, among other square pieces, were made into a wall hanging and given to Nick's mother for her 80th birthday. Nick took his piece some place and had photos of us printed on it. Back then we never took the time to ask how it was done, but I would assume that it was similar to what Aza did.